Teen had a supernatural encounter

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Jul 17, 2022
"Many things of the physical and worldly experiences may be rationalized with logical and
plausible reasoning. And from personal experience, a spiritual 'happening/event' are simply
unexplainable in any age, and there will be no doubt that something extraordinary took place,
most likely there will be no witnesses whatsoever!
'Mysteries surrounding God, 'a higher power' are completely out of the jurisdiction of
the human mind to comprehend. And attempting to resolve the mysteries through intellectual

worldly 'thinking' most likely will lead to harmful illusional and erroneous perceptions!

('Be sure to do your own careful 'inventory' before taking action based on anything you find in this content.
Intended solely as informative and subjects of 'Reflections of Life'...'This side of the glass')

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Thank you and yes even though I try and be Sherlock Holmes about it, it will indeed remain a mystery to me.


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Sep 17, 2018
What is this Astral project thing you used to do? Is it satanic? How did you teach yourself to do that?
It is definitely occult and not something that just happens. Both Satanism and New Age (and likely other similar beliefs) use this notion. It's often utilized as a way to leave this plane of existence and travel to other spiritual dimensions. These trips can also lead to meeting other spiritual beings, some of which may attach themselves to you and become advisors or spiritual guides to those dedicated to the practice.


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Jul 7, 2022
Thank you for that reading. It just made me curious thats all, not the nightmare part but her feeling something physical touch her. I just asked her and she said it turned her to the side. I think my own experiences have influenced me too. I didnt know you could have a nightmare with a fever. I learned something today! But yeah Im going a bit of Psalms to her before she sleeps, great idea thank you again H&H
That's precious.
David played an instrument and sang the Psalms. King Saul had an evil spirit that haunted him. When it did, he would call for young David, I Samuel chapter 16. I don't believe that is what's going on, although I'm open to that possibility.

If she doesn't get to sleep soon each night, maybe very soft guitar, harp or piano music in the background would help her relax. My mother used to give me chamomile tea before bedtime. I started that practice of drinking a cup again before bed. Sometimes valerian root and ginger helps too. It's a good combination. A little honey, molasses or stevia to sweeten.


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May 29, 2013
I can think of possible explanations:

-- She imagined the hands because of the fever.
-- A demon attacked her in a dream and afflicted her with a fever.
-- A demon attacked her in a dream during her weakened feverish state.
Jul 7, 2022
Okay so this happened last week and Im still thinking about it but not in a worrying sense more like a curious kind of way. My teen went to bed as normal. I was woken about 5am by a phone call. Blurry eyed I didnt answer the phone call in time. I looked and saw it a call from my teen which was strange. But I thought she must have leaned on the phone and it auto dialled me. I didnt want to wake her ringing her back and because I had hurt myself from a fall, I tried to text her but in the dark I texted incorrectly. She then rings me again and Im thinking what is going on? So I call her back and hear her distress over the phone and I hobble my way to her room. She was crying and trying to explain to me that she had a dream that she was standing at the edge of a cliff and someone pushed her off. In the dream she was spinning as she was falling. Then she woke up and freaked out because she could feel two hands on her upper chest/shoulders grabbing her. She was so scared to leave her room. Since that she has not slept in her own bed. So we prayed about it and I am believing her experience because similar things have happened to me when I was younger. Interpreting it tho is harder because its her experience, I know she will be able to do it in time.
Is your girl feeling better now?