The deserts edge

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Junior Member
Jan 5, 2018
You're standing on the edge of a desert
On one side of you there's civilization
Hotels restaurants etc
And on the other side nothing but miles of desert
Getting lost in it would surely lead to death

You're fed up with your sinful life
And you know that walking into the desert
Would mean committing suicide
But you don't want to go back to your old life
You're desperate for change

And if it's God's will
You won't die
But then
It could be his will
That you go this way
Obviously it's not God's will for anyone to due
Though it is God's will for all to live
Die and face judgement

That said you know that walking into the desert
Would mean you'd be putting your trust in God
He would either save you
Or you would die
If it was God's will for you to live
You would be saved
If he had a purpose and reason
For you to carry on living
You would be saved
But if not
Then he would take you home

Right now I feel like
Walking into the desert
Saying God if it be your will
For me to go this way
Then I shall disappear here
And never again will I offend you
For you will take me home

Yet if it's your will for me to live
Even though I am this way
Given over and lost in sin
Then you will save me
Then you have a purpose for my life

If I could I would walk into the desert
Not to test God
But because it would mean
I either meet my demise
And get to go home
Freed from these chains
And made whole

It would be like walking to God
Surely if I get lost in the desert
I would succumb to heat and hunger and thirst
I would eventually give up the ghost
And it would all be over

And if it wasn't for my mom
And my family
I would walk out into the desert
I would walk to God

What do I do and where do I go
When back at home
My demons rap on my door
Yet in the desert I am without
That which causes me to sin
It's just me and God
I would either die and rest in peace
Or be rescued and return back to my life
Either way I would be liberated

Oh desert where are you
I want to walk into you
I want to get lost in you
I want to walk to God
And hear what he has to say


Senior Member
Dec 13, 2015
Philly, PA, USA
Aquaintenses of hubby when he was in the Jesus Movement decided God would stir their car no the highway.

Big accident. Big stupidity.

Don't tempt God. It has nothing to do with trusting him. It has everything to do with ego.


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2017
South Australia
Every worldly person who is converted by the gospel
is at a fork in the road:
you can continue on the same path to whatever, or
you can trust in God to prove the gospel true.
In 1996 I had to make that decision
21 years later I'm glad I chose a new road to travel down



Senior Member
Aug 8, 2011
Don't jump off any mountain cliffs for Jesus said to Satan's temptation "Do not test the Lord your God"


Senior Member
Aug 8, 2011
You don't sound like you seek a desert so much as an oasis filled with life giving water that is hidden and away from temptation?

If things in your life are causing you to sin,cut them off and toss them far from yourself.

You don't have to walk in a desert that promises certain death.

Find a mountaintop and go alone to pray where it is just you and God. Look at the world from above and see it as God does.

Still lifting you up in prayer.