Are there any musicians in here?...

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Nov 12, 2019
I'm frustrated with piano! I love to learn it but I can't read notes, I'm trying to Learn the ukulele.


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2016
Or can you play an instrument? Or write music?

I grew up playing the guitar, and I know the basics of playing the drums (I can hold a beat).

What do you play? :)
I have just had such a great music blessing tonight! I grew up playing the piano. I enjoyed practicing and really disliked performing. It has been many years since I've been able to just sit and enjoy playing music. Today while talking to my son about the sort of music he'd want for one of his video projects, I looked up digital pianos. I thought I'd show him what he could do. What I found was wonderful. There is a website (it is free, not for download or sale and I am not part of it) called They have sheet music for many songs. You play these songs using your keyboard. The music is all written in letters! So if you can type you can play music!!. I spent hours today trying out different scores and I felt overwhelmed that I was able to express myself this way again. Thank you Lord. I had stopped when I realized that I enjoyed playing but didn't have the chops to be a musician. I have a good ear and I knew the difference between when someone was a technician and when someone was music. I was the former. I had stopped and I ended up turning away from music almost entirely. This unexpectedly opened that door again. The sound was beautiful. I am thanking God for this unexpected gift and again for blessing us with something so profound. I won't call myself a musician but I think it is time that I reacquainted myself with an old love.