Borders, Language, Culture

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May 18, 2017
Borders, Language, Culture (Savage)

[Public School Opens Up Rooms For Muslim Prayer- Atheist Group Says It’s “Reasonable” by Mr. Wendal | I Have The Truth] "This is happening right here on American soil folks. A New York state public school has provided two vacant rooms so Muslim students can pray during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan. This school’s principal, Donald Flynt, along with some other school administrators had invited a local imam to meet with them and learn more about the Muslim religion. Following this meeting Flynt made the call to open up the rooms for Muslim prayer.

“[Ramadan is] a month long and there are certain obligations that must be done in addition to praying,” school district spokeswoman Kelly DeFeciani told the Saratogian.

“Principal Flynt wanted those students who observe Ramadan to be able to stay in school and also fulfill their religious obligations.”

Now it was also stated that use of these room is not limited to any student’s faith.

DeFeciani told the Saratogian that “making the rooms available is part of our effort with cultural proficiency. We are trying to get people to understand all different cultures. We want to make the school conducive, so all students can learn, can feel accepted, and feel understood. With this effort, this group can meet both their educational and religious obligations. In this case, it’s the principal’s decision. He’s doing it to meet the needs of his students.”

Flynt sent an email to the homes of all high school students about the move. According to WRGB-TV, the letter reads in part:
The school district recognizes the diverse religious backgrounds and values represented in the school community and the importance of being sensitive to the needs of all students and personnel.

The part of this story that is more shocking than the other is the fact that there is an atheist organization who takes it as their mission to call out towns and schools when it says they promote Christianity, that told Times Union that prayer is in fact legally allowable in schools if it’s an accommodation and doesn’t disrupt the school day..." Full text: Public School Opens Up Rooms For Muslim Prayer- Atheist Group Says It’s “Reasonable" Gen. 11:5–9, 2 Thess. 2:7, 8, Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT
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Mar 19, 2011
The best solution would be to just leave religion out of schools entirely.


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Dec 31, 2015
The best solution would be to just leave religion out of schools entirely.
The best solution is Jesus to come post haste. Far be it for me to say when the time is right. Just saying that is the best solution.


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Feb 28, 2016