Disease Attacking Dentists

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Senior Member
May 8, 2014
When I asked my dentist why she chose to be a dentist, she answered "better working hours than doctors". There may be a price to pay for better working hours.

CDC - Dentists are dying from a lung disease

I pray that the measures put in place to prevent this disease from taking future victims will work.


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
That is interesting (and tragic), Billy, thank you for sharing :)

I have been told too, that dentists have a very high rate of suicide in their profession compared to other professions. I have spoken to my dentist and dental hygienist about this, because I was curious as to why. They told me it is because people hate dentists :eek: So I make sure my that my dentist and my dental hygienist both know that I love them, and I do not hold it against them that they sometimes cause me physical pain when they are trying to help me. I really do care for them! It is always a pleasure to go see them :)