Dr. Fauci’s Ex-Employee, Once Jailed, Tells All

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Well-known member
Jul 23, 2018
For anyone that is still not believing the current covid 19 is being used as a political puppet master over america and propaganda is duping the masses......copy and paste the op,then enter it in you tube search...or any search.

it is being censored and removed or hidden.

Censoring is dangerous to truth. the people you are listening to and trusting are going to eventually kill you.

You think they will save you with some vaccine. You are mistaken


of course there are mulitple articles, including a 'fact checker' article (fact checkers have been proven to be lying so whatever and are basically on the side of the left) saying she is a 'kook' (synopsis of what they do say cause no one could read them all)

I know one thing though, I would not trust Fauci to cross the street with him. he is a devious individual and sorry, but its' written all over his face to coin a term

they really had better deal with the fb, twitter, instat, etc. probably too late already


You think they will save you with some vaccine. You are mistaken

well for sure. saw this the other day

Dr. Anthony Fauci says chance of coronavirus vaccine being highly effective is ‘not great’

The FDA has said it would authorize a coronavirus vaccine so long as it is safe and at least 50% effective.

Reading another article the other day (unbiased and general article), stated that in any good year, the flu vaccine is only about 30% effective and really good year for protection would be 50%, so seems to match what is being said about the current search for the cure (never gonna have one really)


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Jul 3, 2020
Now we're hearing masks can help spread the virus. They're as effective, according to one scientist whose name I can't remember, as thinking a chain link fence will stop a gnat in its travels.
And forget the six feet social distancing. Now they're saying 16 feet apart.

It appears it is what was said early on about these rules coming into play. A social experiment in citizen compliance.
How long will we jump through the hoops set before us? When will we collectively decide we've had enough?

And what is the end goal here by those in authority pushing these mandates that are not law?
Now they're trying to ban coin currency. Same excuse as all else, the virus!
We know a man who's mother celebrated her 70th birthday. He said it was the first time he couldn't hug his mom and wish her a happy birthday. Instead, he had to stand outside her house with a big decorated sign that wished her happy birthday.

It's so crazy now makes me wonder, what comes next?

States have authority to fine or jail people who refuse coronavirus vaccine, attorney says
Legal precedent dates back to 1905