Just a PSA on Times square (life) event in NYC

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Well-known member
Mar 23, 2019
If any of you have been paying attention to the Focus on the Family event that is being held tomorrow.


Basically the giant screens that are there have refused to sell them the slots after one previously said they could.

It's a pretty big event and I'm still on the fence on whether or not it is appropriate to show it. I'm a pretty private person and I wouldn't want to publicly show things of this nature. I'm not against the mission itself and it is indeed a rather direct response. Whether this is going to inflame, shame, or tame the currents surrounding this issue is difficult to say.

For me it's a much larger issue than I can say. Personally I am pro-life. I have heard many perspectives on both sides of the fence on "the ground" so to speak and as far as speaking to the mothers it's a little bit more complicated. The facts/risks shouldn't be withheld, but expecting a non-believer to view life the same way as someone that has Ps 139:13-14 sown into their spirits is... how shall we say, debatable.


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2015
The world system in the USA is now hostile to Christian ideals. The only surprise to me would have been if they were permitted to show it. The truth is routinely being suppressed and twisted in this country. But then again what can be expected from a country that has large segments of its populatjon that condones abortion, same sex marriage, illegal immigration, trans gender bathrooms, pornography, gambling, indoctrination of its youth, hedonism, prescription drug abuse, socialism, assisted suicide, the enemies of Israel, vicious criticism of America, breaking the law, and materialism.