Local Rare Unusual News In Arctic Can Be Seen As Confirmation Of Mark 13 And Revelation 3:3 And Main Message Of John the Baptist and Jesus

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Apr 26, 2012
In today's local newspaper and recent news there have been pictures of rare appearances of a rare duck from Asia and rare appearances, and sadly deaths of two huge gray whales, one male, one female in a large Fjord-like inlet (large bay) in the ocean known as "Turnagain Arm" one of two inlets of ocean at the north end of Cook Inlet, the other being "Knik Arm," named likely for resembling outstretched arms of a person, and also not as long or as deep as Fjords, or as wide as a "Sound," such as the nearby "Prince William Sound," which is near the location of the epicenter of the 9.3 1964 "Good Friday," (Easter Friday of the Cross of Christ--a form of capital punishment used by the Roman Empire known as crucifixion). The Exxon Valdez oil tanker shipwreck occurred in Prince William Sound also on an Easter Friday, three days before the Resurrection of Jesus. This is also a confirmation of Mark 13, which refers to end times, since the modern day Prince William of England and Prince Harry, who are sons of the late Princess Diana, and their wives, Princesses (Duchess) Kate, and Megan, have been in the news lately with their newborn children, especially Megan with her new recent child. Prince William and Kate are heirs to the throne of England.
Another connection is that the Turnagain waters here, and Cook Inlet, were named after the British explorer "Captain Cook."
It should also be mentioned that the native peoples here would remind us that they were here before the British, Russians, or Americans.

I believe all these news stories are related, but, mainly this is about the Gray whales and Asian duck in the news here recently in the Turnagain ocean waters here. The two gray whales that were beached don't normally enter the Turnagain waters.
Neither the gray whales or the Asian duck are normally seen in Turnagain waters. The duck was seen in a marsh adjacent to Turnagain.

The reason I believe these local news events are related to Mark 13, is that Mark 13 is about the last days. Before reading the newspaper with morning coffee at Starbucks, I opened my small travel bible randomly to Mark 13. Then saw the beached whale on the front page.
I also have recently camped, or stayed in motel rooms in campgrounds traveling in my car in both Turnagain Arm and Knik Arm, Knik Arm last night.

The whale made me think of the Star Trek movie about rescuing whales, and the movie about the rescue of the whales near what used to be called "Barrow" Alaska at the northern end of Alaska near the oil fields. While I don't support the depiction of rational alien beings, such as Leonard Nimoy portrayed, the emphasis was on his human nature, and his friendship with Captain Kirk, which was very human in the movies and series. Jesus came to save our hearts and souls, not our rational minds. But, Leonard Nimoy was also Jewish. And the movie "Star Trek IV" portrayed events in the Judaic scriptures about the earth being threatened with a great disturbance of the oceans, which Jesus also mentioned as a sign of the last days. In the movie this was portrayed by the destruction caused by raging oceans by a powerful approaching alien ship that was sent to see why the whales had disappeared from the oceans.

Keep in mind, that the God of the Bible is greater than just an alien being, and exists beyond the confines of time and space. And a being so devoted to saving suffering humanity that they became one of us and has been committed to the well-being of the earth and her people, people of the earth, can not be called an "alien being," but a God of "infinite love," as Martin Luther King Jr. said. If anyone is alien (foreign) to the world it is those who are destroying it, which the Apostle Paul even spoke of. The God of the Bible is also a being of unimaginable power and great love, mercy and justice, who walked the earth as Jesus of Nazareth, son of Mary and son of Joseph, and Son of God--a God of love and family; The family of faith, and the saved sons and daughters of Heaven--"children of God."

The other sign I believe of Mark 13, is the appearance of the rare "Falcated Duck" here also in the news. "Falcated" refers to the shape of the duck and is defined as: "curved like a scythe or sickle, hooked." This also describes the "harvest of the world," in the Bible, since a scythe or sickle is a farm tool of old times used to harvest wheat. There are many verses that refer to this if someone wants to find them and post them.

Another sign, I believe, is that I have been carrying a street sign with Revelation 3:3 on it from Homer, at the end of the road, to Anchorage and north. Revelation 3:3 says,

"Repent and turn to me again. If you don't wake up, I will come to you suddenly, as unexpected as a thief." (Revelation 3:3; English Standard Version).


***This photo is copyrighted to Anchorage Daily News (ADN.com) and used here only as a demo:

gray whale.jpg
This is very sad what is happening to the oceans and the planet. God cares about the other created life as well as us people. Especially these majestic whales.

This photo of the duck is also copyrighted to Anchorage Daily News (ADN.com) and used here only as a demo:

asian duck.jpg


Well-known member
Apr 26, 2012
hub and my heart-ache cannot be measured!
I think it's the size of them and that they are mammals, and warm-blooded like us and have about the same lifespan that has such an impact. I don't support the hunting of swans or whales. Swans mate for life for one- and graceful birds. they aren't chickens. And whales are not just fish like salmon or halibut. I forgot that the British explorer named the Turnagain waters after his ship had to turn again and again to save the ship due to the strong tides and treacherous waters.