Planned Parenthood Continues Sangers Work

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Senior Member
Oct 18, 2014
On Halloween Planned Parenthood tweeted" it's "statistically safer" for a black woman in the United States to have an abortion than to actually give birth to a baby." The stats show that more black babies are aborted in NY than are born.That is staggering to me.

Recently Star Parker,who had four abortions herself,spoke to congress in support of life. Rep.Steve Cohen demanded an apology,apparently he didn't like her facts. He has pushed impeaching Trump over Charlottesville. Slightly hypocritical no? Got to love the way some libs think.smh



Senior Member
Nov 6, 2017
Smh. Liberals really believe their ways are the only ways that the American people should adhere to, if not the whole world. Everything they say or do contradicts what the Word of God teaches us. That woman owes no apology to anyone. They will ALL have to answer for the NUMEROUS unborn children they have murdered through planned parenthood and abortion clinics. Liberals always base everything off of polls and statistics, they never base anything off of fact or conviction. And considering that most of these stories come from pre-dominantly Liberal states, I am not surprised one bit. I personally think the louder the cry from unborn souls reaches our Lord gets, the closer He gets to reigning down judgment upon the United States


Senior Member
Jan 18, 2011
I encourage everyone do some quick research on Margaret sanger , one of the founders of planned parenthood. she certainly has some " interesting " views on minorities.