Rand Paul said something so true about those on the left

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Senior Member
Jul 18, 2017
yeah it turns out when people are getting death threats from right-wing nut jobs, sometimes they hire bodyguards for protection
For Leftists like you all conservatives -- no matter how sane and sober -- are "right-wing nut jobs". Just like all the insults hurled at Trump. But this is simply laughable in view of the death threats made against President Trump over and over again by the evil Leftists. The former CEO of Parler had to put his family in hiding because of death threats. And the death threats issued by BLM/Antifa against innocent citizens are too numerous to list. Pelosi has not received any death threats, although she does deserve hem.


Senior Member
Mar 19, 2011
she did not raise it, it was given to her by most likely G. Soros who is working hard to turn TX Blue.
I can't even think of a reply to address the silliness of this comment
Aug 16, 2020
Central Florida, USA
You know what else creates division? A defeated president pushing conspiracy theories that the election was stolen from him because he can't admit the fact that he lost
Some who believe the election was fraudulent cite video clips of ballot stuffing.

REUTERS news service, a European company, investigated some of these claims. REUTERS discovered some of the video clips being used to prove Trump's assertion of ballot stuffing were actually from Russia taken to prove Russian ballot stuffing in their own election.

Russia regularly obstructs votes as a matter of tradition.

"It isn't the vote that matters, but those who count the votes who do." - Joseph Stalin

I personally believe Trump lost the election because of Trump.

While its true the liberal press was on his case from the beginning, Trump did little to counter its effect. In fact, he seems to have willingly played into their hands throughout his tenure in the White House. For instance, he never stopped tweeting or sending out emails. Even his supporters knew it had become a bad idea, but he never adjusted his activity despite good advice from friends.

America needed a good counter weight to the liberal agenda. Trump was the only candidate available. In my opinion, he betrayed his supporters from beginning to end. Unfortunately they don't see it that way. They are unwilling to admit they were conned.

As a result of the election as well as the Trump administration, the Republican party is in disarray greater than the days following Watergate and Nixon's resignation. Even worse, nobody in the Republican party seems to know what to do about it.

God's will be done. America is deserving of judgment and that is exactly what we're getting: confusion, natural disasters, corruption from top to bottom, SIN everywhere - approved by the church, plague and a national debt that's going to cripple us as a people.

America. Look to see it no more, for its days are numbered.


that's me, hollering from the choir loft...


Well-known member
Dec 9, 2020
yeah it turns out when people are getting death threats from right-wing nut jobs, sometimes they hire bodyguards for protection
Miss AOG made the second loudest noise about it and she was far away in another building. They are liars all.

No one received death threats. Despite the nonsense you post, I believe you are intelligent but for some reason have to make like a salmon and swim upstream and attack waterfalls. This may be a perverse streak on your part or maybe you just like to be contrary. I don't know.

Until and only if the left makes an issue of the summer riots and the vitriol and encouragement of certain house members to attack conservatives is brought up and the ones who had the biggest mouths are censored and disgraced as they should be, will I take anything they come up with as serious and truthful. Until then, they are the worst pile of 'leaven' in the United States and are not worthy to receive their salaries from the American people.