A Visit To Heaven- post from Jeffrey Stewart

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Poetic Member
Nov 24, 2013
Below is a visit to Heaven as described by Micah Turnbo. This is the TRUTH. I've been there too. It is so bright. I was surrounded by worshippers. Love and joy as you cannot imagine., It is SO bright. But do you want to know WHAT I remember the most? Do you want to know WHAT really stood out? I never felt SO FREE in my ENTIRE LIFE. I felt SO FREE that I floated a few inches above the floor. Heaven is the FREEIST PLACE you have EVER KNOWN!!!

A Visit to Heaven by Micah Turnbo

Love: In heaven Love is light! You can feel it—touch it and hear it. It even leaves a fresh taste in your mouth that I cannot explain. Please come and explore with me the Light of heaven in this short encounter

The light of God’s presence was so bright…more brilliant than the sun itself. There were so many people engaging in the most incredible joy that I have ever seen and I was completely surrounded. It was the joy of the Father. Joy causing the very air to sing around me! Hundreds, of angels came swirling in with colors I had never see before! It looked like ribbons dancing around their wings! Oh how beautiful—laughter! God’s children dancing upon the air of joy; laughing just to laugh! He is all joy! Quickly then, a great flash of light like a rainbow covered these beautiful people and golden streams of his glory bathed them like rain from heaven. I was jumping! Jumping!

Then two men approached me to speak—Abraham and his son Isaac surrounded me with God’s awesome light and Abraham said, “Do you know what you are experiencing right now? It is his Love! Love is real and alive! This is the way our father desired it to be! Real and alive! It is his love!” I began to understand why all the people here look so beautiful and radiant They are washed in the light of his love—the light of his presence. I have never experienced such happiness before! The expressions of love were pure and genuine! All loved without hidden motives!

I even saw the animals come and worship God in a powerful way. Love, pure and bright! Isaac said to me, “Joy! Jesus carried the joy of heaven and the laughter of God our Holy Father! Now that the blood of Jesus has washed all, the very same joy upon the Son of God is now poured out upon those who carry his name upon their hearts.” Isaac was extremely bubble constantly giggle in between sentence. It was also my first time meeting him. He was in a vibrant green robe that would speak in different shades of green. Each time he would laugh, his robe would flicker in response. He placed his hand on my head and said, “Learn to love and then learn to laugh with joy. The enemy hates it! It demotes him in humiliation.

Lighting began to form out of the worship emanating form God's people Like a door, Jesus stepped through in living fountains of glory and rivers of his awesome power gushed from his very presence! They Joy of All Creation had come..