Be Content

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Nov 19, 2022
From children we are taught by the world ,to be a success ,in order to achieve hopes and dreams, that having possessions somehow brings happiness.
We spend our lives gathering up every dollar and cent, trying to change our standard of living,when we really should just be content.
We should always be happy with what we have got,instead of trying to get what we have not.
constantly wanting things in this life ,only fill you with things like depression ,envy or strife.
taught to fill our pockets with money and gold,grab onto all that you can hold.
You can into this world with nothing in your hand, youll leave the same way,this you must understand.
And it is written, for the rich man,"harder it is to enter in to Heaven up on high, than for a camel to pass through a needles eye.
So it is that i question why? why do we want for these things only to kiss our souls goodbye?
For pride,notoriety of men ? Better to be known of God ,when you stand before Him in the end.

When you stand before Him on that final day,you will account for your life,what will you say?" I wish I would have known",there ll be no time for excuses when you stand before His throne. and if the Lord says "I knew you not" you'll find yourself in one Hell of a spot.
I tell you now,seek not your treasures here,less they be faith,hope and charity ,these you should hold dear.
Do away with envy and want for what you have not.
It is better to enter Heaven,having only ever owned a single lump of coal, than having all the treasures of this life and losing your soul.
For you cannot purchase a soul,theres only one price,that being the blood of our Lord Jesus the Christ.If you hold this to be true,be content,for the Lord has already paid the ultimate price for you.

Written by Michael R Whalen 12/10/02