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Aug 4, 2019
We will stare back at you
from your history books,
the children of the future.
I wonder,
in my floating dreams
made of mist and fog,
what will you be like,
the children of the future.
Will your tears be of joy
because ours were those of sorrow?
Will your hearts be filled with love
because ours were darkened by hate?
Will you be as one
because we were bits and pieces?
Will you be human beings
because we were animals?
Will you be Christians
because we were idolaters?
Will you learn from our mistakes
and never repeat them?

Don’t be scared of us,
the children of the future.
We were us, so you could be you.
We were scarecrows,
so you could eat the harvest.
A night is not a night
if a morning doesnt follow,
and a Christian is not a Christian
without the restoration at the end.
Don’t be scared of us,
the children of the future.
Though we knew better,
we didn’t follow suit
of the One who came to teach us
to be like you.
Learn from our mistakes,
and never repeat them.

From the ashes of our century
bathed in blood and arrogance,
and from the rubles of our cities
buried in the clouds of dust and sin,
you will arise,
the children of the future.
The brave new race
with your foreheads high,
courageous and tender,
warm, faithful and loving,
pure, incorruptible and honest,
virtuous and Christlike,
the children of the future
the complete children of God...​

Dedicated to those of us who want everything here and now.