Divine Timing and Divine Findings

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Mar 2, 2018
Divine Timing

Come now and follow me into the depths of my apathy
You might have to burn me but somehow I think I could die happily
The man that you programmed got viruses like a computer
Why is the life that you gave me somewhere in the future
I break from these chains and I run from this dungeon like clockwork
My mother comes running in terror, won't somebody stop her
I'm so far from perfect but perfect is always beside me
I shine my own brightness with light that is actually blinding
Come now in all of your greatness, I'm so through with hiding
You're past due but it's not my place to critique divine timing

Divine Findings

Come now and follow me into the depths of my sacrifice
What a lapse you have made to think I put my life before your life
How great is your strong arm and how far do you think that it reaches
You can't carry the weight of your flesh; it has ground you to pieces
I was born to the body and mind that you constantly fight with
I was tempted and tested and found on all counts to be righteous
I put your life before my life and it's not for your value or brightness
Even those who pierced my hands will not be cast out and made lifeless
I make slaves of no one through all of the span of infinity
It is rashness to think the Divine Shepard is late with divinity

By kyle kriticos
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