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Well-known member
Aug 25, 2020
Many teardrops fall
unseen by human eyes..
Yet yearn to be captured
inside warm hands of love..
For being acknowledged
is within every heart..
So every falling teardrop
welcomes compassion..
As being truly understood
feels like a warm sunshine..
To be given real hope
is more precious than gold..

Encouragement is a blessing
yet it can be abused..
For not everyone values the
kindness they were shown..
Yet many have died alone
consumed by hopelessness..
while silently hoping
encouragement will come..
A timely word can divert
the most perilous doom..
For words of encouragement
are dipped in gold..

Encouragement doesn't
speak empty sweet words..
It displays the sacred truth
that all is not lost..
Energising anothers heart
for a better tomorrow...
Bringing light into
anothers painful darkess...
Helping them along
in the race of human life..
To be an encouragement
is to be a great blessing..

"Encouragement isn't a boring
It is the electrict boost to revive
a failing heart..
God knows your lifes structure
from beginning to end..
May he sow people to encourage
you in your hours of need..
For he loves to far to much
to let you suffer all alone..💕"

Oh...I forgot my manners ..
hello reader,thanks for popping by😊👍"
Aug 25, 2020
Yes, I believe a well-timed word can give encouragement. We need that more than ever, don't we?
Hi yes most definitely and sometimes it can be the most simplistic word to speak...but the impact on the receiver of that word is pheonomual..😊