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Junior Member
Nov 29, 2017
Flame and fire
In a land of the distant future fire scorched the earth and burned the vegetation and to survive man had to live in caves deep in the ground relying on springs for food and water
One there was a sign in the heavens and a woman fell pregnant and the baby felt like fire in her womb and when the baby was born, she gave him the name flame. The boy grew up healthy and strong and full of veghar. One day a girl wandered out of the compound and no one was brave enough to rescue her but flame said, “I shall go if I don’t the little girl will to be burned up and die”, so he left the compound to find the girl and when he did a huge firestorm erupted and there was no shelter. He cried out to God to save him and he covered the girl with his body hoping she may survive. The fire came down but didn’t hurt them. He took this as a sign and praised God and vowed he will honour him from then on. When he and the little girl came back to the compound the people were amaze at what happened and they thank the Lord.
Now there arose on the dark side of the moon an evil empire that would cut off peoples’ water and even their oxygen if people didn’t obey them. They became envious of the people of the earth and decided to go to war with them. They launched missiles against her people of the earth, but they exploded in the atmosphere, so the underground city was safe from their attacks. One-day flame was beside a spring and an older one form a distant moon came to him. He told him he will command the armies of earth against those of the moon and that he will have power over the wind and flame. Flame asked him how will know this will happen and the older one told him the spring will boil then turn to ice. As flame watched the spring and it happen the way that the older one said, and flame believed him and was greatly encouraged.
Now there arose a commander of the armies of the moon who was more ruthless then any of his subordinates and his name was Mago. He ordered his people to make war machines that could dig into the earth and seeker drones of the sky. He planned to attack the earth before the next solar eclipse. One day a spy from the moon came and told the earthen city that Mago and his armies were planning an attack before the next solar cycle. Then flame designed a vehicle that could carry the men through the fire and the flame and manoeuvre at great speeds. The whole city went to work on constructing fire falcons and prepared for battle.
One day as Flame was eating, he saw a woman who was beautiful, her skin was smooth, and her lips were moist. He asked her wat her name was, and she said it was Spring. They saw each other often and fell deeply in love. As Spring was cooking in her unit a fire broke out and she was trapped. Flame saw the smoke and that his love was in trouble and he rushed with the speed of fire to her aid and commanded the flames to cool and it was quench. Later that month they got married and were very happy together.
On the first day of the new week the moon army launched an assault on the underground city with ground assault vehicles that burrow into the earth carrying armed men with flamers. A big battle ensued in the city and the city forces were being overrun. Then Flame runs out in front of the army and there was a huge silence. Flame calls on the fire and wind to consume Mago’s forces and a huge whirlwind of fire erupts and consumed the moon men and those that survived ran out on the earth to be further burned up by the atmosphere. The unground city was saved, and they all thanked the God of the wind and fire. One night the leader of the army came to flame and said, “We must have a spy in our ranks or how else would the men of the moon know where we are”, so they devised a plan to catch the spy. The plan was to send out a report of a new weapon and when the spy hears of it, he will try to steal the plans at headquarters. They hid and waited for the spy to come and when he came, they caught him with the plans, and they said to him what have you done. Flame said to the man,” for this you will die, and the man burst into flames and was consumed. When the city heard of this, they were afraid and pledged their allegiance to flame and his God.
Spring was out in her garden one day and she became very distress and began weeping. She said how can we beat the moon’s armies they are very strong and powerful. Then an older one came to her and said, “Fear not the lord shall consume the armies of the moon, so none may survive.” She thanked the older one and told her husband and he said how can this be true. Then his hand burnt, and he repented from sinning and believed his wife. Then a spring started to flow from the city and out into the earth.
On the day of the new moon the Mago launched his attack. He sent forth his drones, but the men of the earth were prepared. The earth men flew their flame birds high into the sky. The drones were heavily armed, but the flame birds were quick and manoeuvrable. The flame birds would crash the drones into the earth and explode them through the flame’s storms of the earth. Then the second assault of the moon base began, and the earthmen were ordered back to the city. Thousands of ground vehicles landed outside the city and thousands of moon troopers march to the city. The earthmen fought valiantly but were outnumbered and outmatched so Flame order them back to the city. Then Flame told the men of the earth not to despair but to have hope. As the moon men were approaching a huge firestorm as never seen before consumed them all. The solar flare was so great that it set the moon on fire and Mago and his men were destroyed. Then after it cooled down springs opened on the earth and Flame and his people walk out on the earth and enjoyed a new world
The end