Gonna write a poem right now

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Well-known member
Dec 15, 2021
Good morning Lord,
I start my day
a smile on my lips,
knowing you will be right here
and help me come to grips

Everyday I love you more
the more I learn Your words
and living them
they help me hear
the peace I'd never heard

So looking toward the day
I see your bright blue eyes
the only problem that does cause
it makes me want to die

But I know that I'm here
to work a work for you
So lead my feet along the path
Until the day is through

And one day I know I will see you coming in the clouds
And jump for joy at your glory
I hope to make you proud.


Well-known member
Dec 15, 2021
As I opened the door
to let them all in
I counted one short,
one was a missin

I wasn't worried
he'd been late before
come a sauntered in
when the food hit the floor

but something was wrong
the storm a comin
so I started callin
get movin get humpin

and never before
had it taken this long
to see those legs running
the tail tall and strong

but now it was dark
and startin to rain
the wind was a blowin
start going insane

so on went the coat
the golashes to
grabbed an old flashlight
I'm not even amused

rains comin harder
winds blowin me round
calling and callin
but from him not a sound

my throat is a hurtin
an I'm soaking wet
I'll not be stoppin
for this is my pet

up down and round
round down up again
hes not just my pet'
he is my best friend

but now I am freezin
in the house I do go
but every few moments
I'm back at the door

and then not much later
I can't stand myself
a gun and the flashlight
but nothing will help

soon it is 1
then it's 2 and now 3
I can't go to sleep
if not dead, he's freezing

for my little baby
is only 3 pounds
without a coat
danger all around

we'd been together
since he took his first breath
and there'd be no way
that he'd be tailless

it's finally 4
no sounds anymore
the rain has quit fallin
no sounds at the door

woke up at 6
he's still not around
I cryed to Father
am I miracle bound?

I cryed and I called
for most of the day'
and then called my mother
so we could both pray

she broke down a crying
it had happened again
the hills took a child
the hills took a friend

and when I could no longer speak on the phone
we said our good byes
and i was alone

and then in that instant
I knew that sound
knew in that instant
that Grace did abound

So if anyone asks you
does it change anything
spending time in His Word
you tell them this thing

The impossible happened
that dog not to freeze
but God kept him safe
sent him back home to me