I cried.... you held me<3 you helped me <3

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I want to be held in your arms to cry,
I feel so guilty and hurt.....from everything.
Please God hold me!? I know you won't ask why,
Don't want to talk, but be silent aside from breathing.
I know you'll just hold me in your arms forever,
You understand why & catch my every tear that falls.
God why does life have to be like this over and over?
I don't have a phone but I have my voice to you it calls.
Hear me, come to me, hold me, help me...I'm lost,
In you I'm found..for you God sent Jesus your son
At Calvary Jesus you....you paid the cost,
God help me fight for you the only righteous one.
A dark storm is blocking my light, In this flood I'm drowning,
My lifeguard walks on water, just as simple as a dove takes flight, reach for me?
God I caused you to be frowning day after day..now at this altar, forgive me;
Shine your light for me to see.
Pick me up I've fallen, I need you,
hear me I'm callin', anything for you I'll do.
Help me fight for the right,
To be strong to shine your light.
God all I truly want is your ever existing love <3
My heart desires, yearns, and cries to be loved <3
I cannot find it on earth, so I now seek above
Lord I'm tired of being punched, kicked, shoved...
I want to be loved and held and be safe,
I want hugs from a loving life.
With you is there such a place,
A place with peace, not an ounce or strife.
I'm knocking on Heavens doors expecting an angel,
Instead, Jesus you opened the door and ran to me.
You ran to me with open arms, sweet and cordial,
The love I sought, I found, & the brightest light I now see. <3

Ending Prayer:
Jesus I ran to you when I cried, I still run to you when I cry, because each time I do you always ran to me as well, and embrace me! you make me feel so thankful, warm, wanted, safe, and most importantly so loved <3 Jesus I thank you for dying such a painful, awful, horrible, and just unspeakably tortuous death on the Wooden Cross at Calvary <3 I am so unworthy of Heaven because of all my sin, but Jesus when i asked you forgave me <3 I thank you so much for forgiveness <3 Because of what you have done, cause of your death I have a way to Heaven; through you sweet Jesus <3
Thank you for giving everything you had for this world, my friends, my family, and me <3 you love us beyond measure and God I love you back sooooooooo sooo soo sooo much!!!!! <3 Thank you God for all you've done, all you're doing, and everything in the future! <3 Thank you so much for all the blessings! <3 I love you and I cant live without you! I choose you over everything in this world! always! you're always in, on, and holding in your hands...My heart <3
Thank you Lord, I love you <3 Amen <3


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2010
great well written thanx 4 sharing b blessed allways amen.