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Junior Member
Dec 31, 2017
Post some of your poetry please. Here is one of mine. I hope it uplifts you.

You are here again,
That dark place in your mind.
You do not like it here.
But it is always near.
A hole, a pit, ready for you to fall in.
Never to be seen again.
You near the edge,
The light is dim here.
A hand reaches out.
It grabs and tries to pull you in.
Into the hole, the pit, ready for you to fall in,
Never be seen again.
You pull against and try to stay out.
You do not want to enter that cloud of doubt.
The hand is too strong,
You cannot resist.
Then a sword reaches out,
It cuts that hand of doubt.
You fall back away from the hole, the pit, ready for you tofall in,
Never to be seen again.
You fall into a pair of strong arms.
They pull you into the light.
The hole is far away now.
You are safe but you furrow your brow.
Who saved you from the shadow of doubt?
And where is He now?
You turn around.
No one is near,
But you know you have been saved by someone very dear.
For now you will not have to worry,
About falling into the hole, the pit, ready for you to fallin,
Never to be seen again.
And when you happen to be near the dim,
He will save you,
Your life will not end.
He will keep you from that hole, that pit, ready for you tofall in,
Never to be seen again.