Quick poem by Uhhhhh

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Senior Member
Apr 18, 2017
Dear Uhhhhh, :)

Death is the last enemy that Life will destroy! It's a process and we're all in it!

You are a fabulous writer and mediator of truth - which means you're a good "digger!" You will find the Truth (which is Jesus) and He will set you free and His Holy Spirit will teach you and lead you into all truth! Full of wisdom worth more than rubies, diamonds or anything else desired in the world!

Enjoy your journey! Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life! Stay with Him and you'll be just fine and arrive at your destination - which is eternity with Him! :)


Senior Member
Dec 24, 2017
What did you just do, LPT?
im sorry my friend if I offended you in anyway I was just merely placing the pharagragh in poem form. Poems are usely in that way.

if I offended I surely will never do it again,


Senior Member
Feb 23, 2016
Hello AuntieAnt, :)

In dark lonely times, we must remember ........ we are NOT alone, we have NOT been abandoned. In Christ, your husband never left you and is with you now - just as Christ is. Also, just as Christ, He is no longer "physically" with you on the Earth. However, He (Jesus) and he (your husband) is with you - even now by spirit. So am I with you, because we are "in Christ."

The spirit is not bound like our earthly body is. This is why Jesus can communicate with us. The Holy Spirit has been given to us as "access" to the Father and Christ. The Holy Spirit is wonderful! Like a cell phone Daddy gave us to talk with Him.

Some may think it odd that you and your husband visited graveyards in your travels. However, "in Christ" you were simply saying "hello" to those that are "in Christ."

I so look forward to the "family reunion" one day! God bless you and keep you always! Your sister "in Christ," Lafftur! :)
I don't have dark, lonely times, Lafftur. How could I when Jesus is my Best Friend and the Lover of my soul? He'd never abandon me, so don't you worry about me. And as for my husband, he's long in a better place and I wouldn't think of wanting him to come back to this dull world. In fact, I can hear him taunting me now about his winning the race first. LOLOL ;)

Blessings to you, dear! :eek:



Senior Member
Sep 16, 2017
I have read what you all have said. Say more to me and each other if you wish. Or if you and God wish. Does he not wish we be spoken to more? Do we not wish it?


Senior Member
Feb 23, 2016
Wishing you all a lovely, joyful week. Blessings to you! :D