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Active member
Aug 4, 2019
A boy is holding a candle
The room is filled with darkness
His hand is at the door
Floorboards squeak and in he goes

How can life enter death?
And if it does, is it life no more?
If it’s truly life, it cannot die
Rather, it is death that dies instead

The door is open, and the boy is in
Candlelight has washed the room
Everything is freed in light
And the darkness is no more​

I once heard a statement that if there had been no resurrection, it wouldn’t really matter because the saving work of Christ was finished on the cross. I don’t think that’s quite accurate. Without the resurrection, death is not resolved, and without resolving death, we cannot have the everlasting life. Whatever is not taken up by Him is not resolved by Him.

Christ is risen, brothers and sisters! Have faith and carry on...