Soon Comes He

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Junior Member
Sep 17, 2013

And they continued to build;
Higher and higher, in those
Last days, in God’s house, still in
The streets. And to their woe they
Said in their hearts, ‘We will be
Equal with The Most High,” yay
They built monuments to these

Iniquities both inward and
Out. They made new thesis’s- now
Abominations, their brands
Of desolations, and ‘proud
‘Did nail them to church doors, did
Stand in their holy’s of un-
Holy’s, proclaiming lies. Blissed

Themselves and their wickedness
By saying, “adultery
Is good, marriage un-blessed;
Fornication’s right, try thee
Out first, old fashion’s transgress;
Judge first, so you can win sweet
Good standing with woman, men;

Climb the Nicolaitan rungs
To the top spires- religion
For profit, power, desire;
Gain the top seat and decree
There your New Age god power;
Beat, eat His sheep, stomp the sweet
Little ones begging on streets;

Decimate broken families
‘Less they can your fortunes thus
Increase by silver pieces;
Call Sodom and Gomorrah
And their new children in these
United States godly- must
Praise all sexual sin, be

Blessed, adored, lifted up by
False priests and the masses; she,
The goddess and her throngs, sties
Of hatred for all mankind
Shall replace The Father, Son,
Husband, man, and the serpent
Our king shall justify our

Atrocities; kill babies;
Crucify those revealing
These our sins; revolt, rebel,
Build our Tower Of Babel-
We being the whore who sets
Ourselves on high- till we reach
The heavens ourselves- be we

What ‘er breed of christian sect
Or more honest enemies
To Christ’s crown; build till we bless
Ourselves by showing our right
Equal and above I AM’s;
Sacrifice our children- slight
Them into the fires, alive

To our idols- call ourselves
Right and all God’s Word wrong; be
Our own god as Eve and ‘Fell
Serpent discussed; be yeast in
Christ’s body from within; tell
Sweet lies to His people, while
Antichrist ambitions swell;

Let the false seat of Peter
Declare God could not all these
Make, but needed falsities
Assistance: evolution,
Allah, Baal and all demons
To accomplish creation-
Not The Word- King of Kings, see

In the beginning, they say,
Was we and the serpent, these
Things were only made for us,
By us, not Jesus; ‘Easy so
Far,’ said they, ‘to deceive
Such sheep- no need; they give heed
To lies forsaking their King…

And as before, the whore, on
The day appointed, did see
The wrath of I AM. Then sought
Some repentance, ‘Forgive me!’
Not before their joys turned ‘brought
Sorrows, sufferings they’d seen
On their own babes now stop their

Wicked tongues- poured down their throats.
As helpless the whore as the
Unborn babies they called Jews
For their Germany's. And still
Revelation nine-twenty
Told of them: “And the rest who
Were not killed by these plagues still

Did not repent of the works
Of their hands, that they should not
Worship demons, and golden,
And silver, and bronze, and stone,
And wooden idols (which can-
-Not see, hear, or walk). And though
Christ looked to His brides that their

Lamps be still lit, In these same
United States of this sweet
America on earth, yay
Found many unlit. And He
Said, ‘Behold, I come as a
Thief. Blessed is he that does
Watch, keeps her garments, lest she

Walk naked and they see the
Shame of the whore of once great
Babylon, who worshiped she,
Herself, built her tower, lay
Now at the bottom as she
Always will in and until
The end. Repent: soon comes He.


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2014
This came to my mind after reading your poem

Revelation 18: 2. He cried with a mighty voice, saying, "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, and she has become a habitation of demons, a prison of every unclean spirit, and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird!