The Lord's Wine

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Nov 2, 2017
Sing a song to the Lord,
Sing a new song to the Lord
My Lord planted a vineyard
A vineyard of choice fruit
To those who tend of His vineyard
He gives of the choicest fruit
Of the vine and this fruit
In time produces a fine wine
For this wine is the goodness
Of the Lord, those who partake of it
Drink of it gladly
For they taste of the Lord
And see He is good for
Who could make such fine wine?
For the wine they drink, is the wine of the
Lord's goodness
Whoever drinks becomes drunken with joy
One sees this joy and asks
"Of what have you drunk?"
And the one who has drunk
replies, " I have drunk of the wine of the Lords goodness"
And he will be asked,
"Where do I find such fine wine, that I, too, may have such joy, that, I, too
May have some?"
His reply will be
"Seek the Lord, and He will give you
Of this wine that you, too,
May have the joy of the Lord"
Sep 6, 2017
Dec 4, 2017
To enter into the Lords rest, to move from darkness to Light, from death to Life.
It is a wonder to me how any person could deny such a Heavenly gift.

Due diligence greatly pleasing the heart of a generous giver in charity of gold praised 7 times a day.
Raise your voice in the Way and speak of such Beauty that sings of our Saviors free gift.

Where is the peace a woman sought after with all her heart to bring her wounds to the Lord for healing in the Sons Wings of purity.
The Wonderful Counselor of the Holy Spirit moves still in increasing the Kingdom

And for our Lord to come to this World is the Miracle to be Remembered above all.
Christ being the shepherd and keeper of the gate, oil for the lamp and bread for the hungry.
A cultivated land of promise as an inheritance sheepfold.

Doves Eyes for the beloved praying night and day to see their faces perfected in Faith like the almond that blossoms in due season
As gold tried in Fire, so pure and refined that it's appearance is like glass.

Something a man found once on a mountain not so far from his own heart. A mans who's feet were blessed to walk the winter house with integrity. An orphan who's courage lead an entire family to the purity of memory and had faith to listen.
Such an orphan rarely speaks until he finds his family.
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