Unlocked Sight

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Senior Member
Nov 24, 2013
[h=3]Unlocked sight![/h]

Who do we see when we look on Him
Son of God, or son of men?
Saviour.. Lord.. or King to rule?
Puppet? for our strings to pull?

How we see is how we'll move
How we hear, our hearts will groove
the path of life for us to take;
This path of life decides our fate.

Will it lead us to the truth
of why He came...why He was birthed
in human form, yet not of earth?
This..... we must see..

Truth is simple, yet complex
Many stumble...many vexed
It's only those who see their need
of blood to purge out sinful deeds.

For sin is in the heart of man
But many...on their pride will stand.
and those who cannot humble be?
Great loss, regret, heaped then on thee.

For then we see Him in His glory
Love pours out of Heavens story
Why wait then to bow the knee?
For faith is what gives eyes to see.



Senior Member
Dec 24, 2017


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
That is poignantly beautiful, Stones, and so very true :)