You, Child.

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You, Child
The one that wakes up with a spark in the eye
The one that keep having ideas on how to change the world
The one with the beautiful soul that feels so deeply
You, Child
Why did you loose that glimmer
Why did you loose your enthusiasm, are you going to give up that easily?
Why do you throw your pearls to the pigs?

Is it because you are lost
Is it because you have no one
Is it because you still mourn

If you feel alone
Know this:
I feel alone too
I know that God is here
I know that He is for me
But my heart cries

I reach out to God but I can't lift my hands up
All I can think about is the amount of times I run to my flesh when there's chaos inside of me
My Spirit screams pray
And I weep because I can't do it.
So I sit here and wait...

His love for me is so much
That I become overwhelmed
And desire more moments like this
A time to just sit here in God's presence
Knowing that He sees everything
But choose to love me anyway

You, Child
I know that there seems to be no hope
And there's days where you try but fail
And it's easy to get angry or stuck in the moment
But pick yourself up
Because you're a person, you're not perfect.
That is why we
need a God.