You used to love me

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Senior Member
Jul 28, 2015
We always talked, you seem to always cry
Now though you treat me l like I've died
We used to be close, but why we're so apart
I did nothing that could have broken your heart
I'm there for you, I will never leave you
I been there after all that you been through
You used to love me, I remember the days
We helped each other in every single way
The day you gave your life to me remember
It was my birthday, a cold night I'm December
That was my gift, the best I could receive
Until the day you let yourself be so deceived
Wanting a better life, you want more love
Where you end up, you won't get the same love
You may not feel the same but I still love you
You may hate me but I still love you
I long for the day you return to me
The imperative request to whom have forsaken me
The choice is yours, I sit back and ponder
That you used to love me, but now I wonder
If you will come back to me, till then I somber
Sincerely Jesus Christ


Senior Member
Feb 23, 2016
Very moving words about the Father's love for us. Your heart is tender toward God, praise the Lord!


Junior Member
Nov 2, 2017
wow such a powerful message, one that I would say also. it speaks to the heart. why have you forsaken me son/ daughter?


THIs is live evidence of God’s true real love.