A conversation about nothing in particular

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Called of God
Dec 17, 2017
Vinita, Oklahoma, USA
Well familia, it is my nite nite time. I would like to introduce marryrose. She is a Filipino trying to get somewhere in this forum. I invited her here because we are the most friendly bunch. Please make her feel welcome as I retire for the night. Hasta Luego.




welcome marryrose,
now what's the exact feeling of welcome feels like


Daughter of the True King
Mar 28, 2018
Awww. Tourist is a romantic at heart! If people want things private..great..but dont START the speculation in a public forum then get mad that people are 'speculating" in public..lol..makes no sense..
You seriously need to let it go.


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
Speaking of strange and terrifying experiences:

Saturday I drove Bunny and my daughter to their salon to get their hair refreshed and decided to go inside and wait for them instead of high tailing it to the hardware store where men are relatively safe and not on the endangered species list

So anyway I was the only rooster in the hen house so to speak and was pretty much ignored while the women gave me covert looks of suspicion until I started making wise cracks about nothing in particular.

Then suddenly the tension in the room melted and I had them laughing and joking back with me.

It was like being in a locker room with guys without the funny smells and towel slapping of the heinie.

Had I whipped out a towel and went to smacking their heinies things would have quickly gone downhill.

So..to sum my experience up:

Oh...I already have.

You took a bunny to a hair salon?!!! I say this with love: you are truly a weirdo.. lol :eek::ROFL:


Senior Member
Apr 28, 2016
does quality exist?

if so, what is the most fundamental element of what quality is?
I expect "quality" is a relative judgment on a continuum of greater or lessor quality. And since it is a judgment, it is pretty much determined by an individual or by consensus. I don't know of a measurable variable labeled "quality". In judgment related things I prefer the term "excellence". It is still a judgment on a continuum, but it is high toward the end of the continuum.

For instance, I think it foolish to try for perfection in Christian activities, and quality is OK. But, I favor "excellence" as the proper goal for most Christian and personal activities.


Senior Member
Apr 28, 2016
No, lol.. But they're all named after cheese: Brie, Fontina, Aura, Colby and Cheddar.. :)
I think Limburger would be a strange name for a cat.

Cat name stories:
I once found an abandoned cat and I named it "Useless". A couple of months later I found a lost kitten and named it "Ditto". I reluctantly had to give up those two kitties. A year or so later I found another abandoned cat and named it "Dono" cause I "Dono" what to name it.

Years ago a read a story where a woman named her cat "Whopee". She changed it, however, when she found herself in her bed clothes late one night standing on her front porch yelling "Whopee!"


Well-known member
Jun 22, 2018
You seriously need to let it go.
And again..i was NOT the one who initially brought up cc romances and other comments pertaining to thhem..there were a few posts prior so please dont single me out when replying to the topic of the tread at the time..tx