How does God Speak?

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Senior Member
Oct 15, 2012
I have been away from cc for a while. trying to free myself from distractions so i can solely seek God and hear from Him concerning major decisions i need to make in my life. I believe God speaks to His children, but sometimes we are too busy to listen or even notice. Other times we just don't know he is speaking! And that brings me to this question, how does God speak to you or how do u hear from Him? Is it a consistent pattern or it varies? Kindly share your experiences in this regard. Shalom!


Through dreams, but I am not always able to interpret them how they are relevant to my life at the moment~ I usually just guess.

I don't remember if I have shared any of these on here.

When I was planning on getting baptized at 16, some doubt came over me and made me rethink it. I don't remember why but I felt uneasy about it all. I prayed about it and that night I had a dream about the end of the world, and Jesus coming down from the Heavens. He wasn't recognizable, but this human figure of pure light and everyone I was with just knew that it was Jesus. There is a lot of details that I could describe to you, but that's too long. At the end of the dream before entering Heaven me and Jesus sat a table in this white space, and I told him about all the pain and anger I have been feeling, everything that has gone on in my life. And he took it away. For a split second, I felt pure joy, and then I woke up. (I believe that this was my answer about questioning getting baptized. I don't believe that it is a dream of the end of the world happening in my lifetime but more symbolic of the choice to get baptized)

I had a dream when I was 26 years old after a night of trying intercessory prayer. Basically I had my eyes closed and prayed that God would speak to me, or show me people to pray for and then drifted off into sleep. The dream began by me standing in my living room and noticing people coming in and out of my house, taking mail in and out from a bunch of mail boxes that were on the wall that was on the other side of my bedroom. This happened for a bit and then I began to get upset that these people kept coming in and out and I wanted them to leave.

So as I went up to them and told them to get out, a woman walks in quite uburptly, walks into my livingroom and places her bible on the coffee table. She looks at me and bluntly asked me if I have ever had anyone lay their hands on me in prayer, I said no, then she asked if she could, I said yes. We knelt down and she told me to close my eyes and she began to pray. I couldn't hear the words that she was saying but I began to see them as my eyes were closed. They were colorful and flowed from me like a rushing stream. The only words I do remember seeing were Christ and God.When she finished praying for me, I got up and noticed that she was gone. But noticed that her bible was still on the coffee table, and for some reason I had the desire to turn all the lights on in the house. Them I woke up.
(I believe the mail in the mail boxes were the prayers coming in and out; that's the only part I can interpret. I didn't feel different after being prayed over, I am not sure what kind of effect it had on me)

There are a few more, but I can't recall them right now.


Senior Member
Oct 15, 2012
Besides His living Word, God speaks to me mainly through creation and through other people. Also, when I'm finally "still and knowing that He is God" (Psalm 46:10). It's not that I'm always go-go-go, but sometimes my mind definitely is. When I am still and quiet, He is able to speak to me, personally. I am especially able to hear Him when I'm quiet in nature (beside a stream, sitting by a tree in the breeze, etc) but He can speak to me anywhere at anytime. I've heard Him in loudness, and in quietness.

I hear Him in music quite often, too. I adore music and He's spoken to me through many different types.

He speaks to me of His character through nature. His power through the lightning and thunder, His gentleness through the delicate softness of a field flower, His mystery through the clouds and how they have substance yet they hang in the air.

One time, at an important time of my life (a mission trip of all places, where I had to make some important decisions while I was there!!), He was silent. It was so painful. I got angry, scared, sad. I thought I had done something wrong. Then one morning during worship time, I heard Him. He said, quite clearly, "Just because I'm not speaking doesn't mean I'm not there. It does not mean I have left you, My child." I had to sit down and just hold my head. It was...even describing it now. It was an experience. It didn't make the rest of the week any easier, but I did have peace. It was a way for me to grow more, in a way I hadn't had to before.

God has also used other Christians to really encourage and support me, and also to challenge me.



God speaks to me through a variety of ways. Music, and visions mostly, I know I make myself sound super spiritual saying visions, but it's just like pictures in my head, not glamerous at all. I definitely think there is something to my dreams to as sometimes I'll have repeat dreams, and know there is something they should be showing me, but I have no clue how to interperate them. And sometimes I'll just be talking with God and my head, and hear him giving responses.


Senior Member
Apr 21, 2010
God has spoken to me via His Word, other people, dreams, children, wonders of nature, music, that still small voice in my spirit (and sometimes a stern one), and once..only once...audibly (it saved my life).
Mar 1, 2013
My personal view of how the will of God works...

Imagine yourself within a circle.
In that circle is your own free will.
Outside of that circle is God's will.
Everyone is within their own circle.
When we need or pray for something.
God will bring those circles together.
It is really a matter of keeping your eyes, mind and heart open.
To see the great things He brings into your life.
Whence that happens, it is up to you what to do with them.
Whether it be by people, places, items, emotions.
It is how we take those moments whence they come and act on them that matters.

That is my view also how your will and God's will intertwine together :)


Senior Member
Oct 15, 2012
I can totally relate with what you all said. I hear God in music, nature, counsel and His word. God rarely speaks to me via dreams or visions but He did once and i woke up shaking cos i immediately could interpret it. Am glad the message came and i heeded, if not i would have gotten myself into a serious emotional mess. Its always a wonderful thing to hear from God, especially when we obey what we hear, even though we don't feel like it. cos sometimes, what He says isn't what we (the flesh) want hear/do Like the days and prophets of old, God still speaks to those who are willing to listen. thanks to everyone for sharing.


Senior Member
Dec 30, 2011
I have a friend that her mind is always so busy that God has to speak to her in dreams.'s different ways... of course through his word, but he seems to like to speak to the most when I'm really pouring out my heart to him on a matter, sometimes in dreams also and through his Spirit when I'm praying.