Last person to post wins!!!

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Apr 1, 2019
Wow, someone needs a v-8 or sometime off work or (several other things, insert your reference her😮)..
yeah....... clicked the wrong one there, and now can't find the one that was with it.......
Oct 8, 2019
Good as place as any to share them is say. That's pretty neat, thanks for sharing them. Is that program a free program or a paid program ?🤔
FREE! I fell in love with getpaint(.)net as a cheap photoshop alternative. Now it's just fun to mess around on the way people enjoy the old classic Microsoft Paint. :)


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Oct 23, 2018
Thx, I'm always here in Spirit, lol, even when busy:) see yas later. I'm a pollster and have a brush-up class shortly, so bye FOR NOW, lol.