Last person to post wins!!!

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Well-known member
Sep 28, 2019
Time to put the work away and relax
Everybody relaxes different. If dressing up like a cat and playing on a toy piano does it for ya, you go girl!
Duet? If so, I'll add it to my new album...ok, my only album. Would need a few more songs, then get it to a repeatable record company...


Well-known member
Apr 1, 2019
Well, even though you stirred the pot earlier, lol, if Susanna does take to the online store, of course you can have him Lil Sis. If she goes with taking him, fear not! I have other bunnies (it's like a farm over here, got 20 bunnies just in my bed alone, one is starring at me like I'm a carrot right now...kinda creepy)
meet LuLu and LeeLee.
Then there's
Jim and Dave, or as I have taken to calling them, The Bobsie Twins.
Then of course there is
Han and Leia, but they HAVE TO go as a pair, as he doots on her and cares much for her. She loves all the attention and gives back as well, match made in a cup coosie!
And finally (been trying to pawn these guys off for a while now...) there's
Sescal and Ebert. They watch movies together and sleep alot, but, there free😁!
oh boy! hope you don't have both male and female all together in one room, or if you do that they have been um how shall I say this nicely..... seen by a bunny doctor who made sure they are fixed...... otherwise you know what's gonna happen...........................................................

They'll multiply like rabbits :LOL:


Well-known member
Oct 8, 2019
how do I say this nicely... ummmmm
... NOOO!!!!!!