marriage on my mind

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Jul 20, 2017
I want to add about my last post I am talking about to get the women you want not the ones you settle for.


Senior Member
Apr 11, 2017
No because I am never around any attractive ladies. The church I attend is made up of elderly couples and older widows. And I live in a very small town.
Focus on building friendships with those in your community by participating in local events or volunteering. You never know - one of those nice elderly couples or windows might have a nice daughter or granddaughter they will want to introduce you to! :)

Seriously though, I have lived in small towns for many years and found that being more involved in the community helped me to realize that there were others my age and/or singles to spend time with. Also, when I joined an organization in a larger neighboring community it helped to build my social circle.

Plus, as so many other CC friends have advised, remember that God has a plan for you! (Romans 8:28 is my favorite passage when I'm feeling sad about my love-life!) :)


Senior Member
Apr 28, 2016
I found my wife on a Christian dating website. I was also investigating women from eastern European dating businesses. There are lots to choose from.


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2016
One of the great things about this site is that people will answer your question from all different points of view. Here is a slightly different approach. If I was to ask you why you would make a good husband what would you tell me? Do you believe that you have a lot to offer someone else? You need to know these things and believe them so that someone else can see them too. Women want men who are passionate about life. You do not have to have movie star looks, a big bank account or a fancy car. You could have a vibrant faith, love dogs, enjoy wood work and like to go to fireworks displays. A great sense of humour is attractive. Asking questions and really listening to your date will make her feel special.
Stop shopping with a list of all the things she needs to be to meet your standards. What you need may be very different than your list.
My advice is to be sure of who you are and be ready to show her the best of who you are. No complaining about ex girlfriends, or unfair bosses. Not attractive. Most importantly show her that your love for God is sincere and deep. That is the most attractive thing of all. Do the work and that special lady will appear. best of luck brother
May 20, 2017
Hi Soamazing,

I also worry about how difficult it will be if I decide remarriage is something I even would consider. But, remember nothing is impossible for God and that He rewards those who wait on Him.