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Dec 15, 2018
This thread is about seeing things in a different light. Something we get stuck into seeing things the way others think we ought to see them when its not really so. Because God looks on the heart and doesnt judge outward appearances, He can see things we miss. He can also see the potential in everyone He created, which isnt always observable to our own eyes.

Heres a few things I have learned.

Being sensitive is actually normal. Having feelings is what everybody has, and pain and suffering can be a teacher. Crying is a healthy reaction to pain or a signal of distress that we need comfort.
What is not normal is when people are insensitive. Many people try to dull their senses with drugs or clam up so they cannot feel. But that is unhealthy.

When people are abusive or mean for no discernable reason, I have been shown that their irrational behaviour towards you could mean they are just jealous. A sad fact is that if you look like you are doing something better than someone else, or even just the way you look, someone will try to put you down or downplay it. It isnt that you might be showing off or proud, because it would be something you just naturally do anyway. And of course many people cant help the way they look because that is what they are born with. A tall person didnt decide they just wanted to be tall they just grew neither does a shorter person decide they only want to grow so high.

Being single is actually special to God. In many ways, it means you can devote your life to Him and conversely reach out to many more people than you would if you were married. I would not go trading that life for anything else. I think if you find salvation and its a pearl so precious why would you want to give that up. God will never leave you nor forsake you, and hes not a human so that He could lie.

A lot of people find it hard to accept people who arent married or dont marry. But God accepts everyone in the beloved and doesnt think any less of you, becase you are His son or daughter. His child.