The real story of Valentine's Day (yes, really!)

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Aug 2, 2009
Ok so back in the late 3rd century (somewhere around 260-ish A.D.) Rome was ruled by an emperor named Claudius the Cruel. This emperor persecuted christians and forbid them from marrying...

There was a christian preacher who was very fervent in his faith and went around secretly spreading the gospel to others. He also wed many christian couples in secret. His name was Valentinus...

One day, Valentinus was caught and accused of proselytizing (trying to convert people to christianity) and was put before a judge. The judge had a young daughter who was blind and he told Valentinus that he would let him go only if he could heal his daughter's blindness. Valentinus prayed the girl and the next day she was healed. The judge had no choice but to let him go...

They say that Valentinus got along with everyone and one of his friends was the emperor even though the emperor persecuted christians... Well one day Valentinus thought that his friendship with the emperor would help him be persuaded to accept the gospel so Valentinus tried to convert him.. This greatly angered the emperor and he ordered Valentinus be executed. He was beheaded outside Rome's Flaminian gate on February 14, 270...

ON the day of his execution, it is said that the little girl who he helped heal from blindness visited him while he was in prison and it's said that he gave her a handwritten letter signed, "your Valentine"

In 469 AD, Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14th to be the feast day of St. Valentine... And the rest is history.. :rolleyes: