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Apr 9, 2017
Helloooo are you crazy what kind of human being is doing this, you just like to laugh at members.

"We charge a $5 fee for special requests if you're not already a supporter of the site. You can go to Support Christian Chat i fyou would like this special assistance"
Apr 9, 2017


Staff member
Aug 4, 2008
Instead of deleting this thread I simply removed all the posts except the above two posts from the OP and here is my response to the thread.

I am the money hungry person alluded to by this person (who is blatantly accusing me and the site), and also alluded to by another person in this thread who thought it was good to pass on many of the accusations, slander, and malicious gossip from haters who have caused us trouble (so this other person in the thread was basically using our site to give a voice to all these haters/slanderers). And stuff gets thrown out here (in this thread) that they hear that I supposedly rake in tens of thousands of dollars per month. If we did, that would be great, so much that we could do, but that is so very far from the truth. And yes, I have struggled as many people (including CC members) have struggled, financially and in other ways.

Anyway I would like to point out the following:

1. I'm a real person.

Do you get that? A real person, with real feelings, with real family, real life challenges, spiritual battles, etc., just like all the other people who come here. But to some people I'm not a real person like them. I'm some rich money hungry fake-Christian guy behind the curtain, who of course deserves to be the target of their hate. (And the hate is another topic, which I'm gonna deal with in #3 below).

2. I'm a child of God

Yes, I'm also a child of God. And there is no basis to assume otherwise, nor to make accusations, or to accept or even propagate on our site accusations from haters, which leads me to the next point.

3. People lack love

There's always a market for hate, so I've learned. And there are quite a lot of obsessive haters who go to great lengths to try to destroy this site by destroying the reputation of the founder of the site -- who happens to be me. Mostly people that we've had to ban (and yes, actually for good reason, despite what they say). And would you believe that many of them actually lie? Yes, lie. Not to mention, some aren't even mentally stable.

And my goodness, what did I do to this person (the OP) except offer and provide all of our free basic services, and then when they email me with a special request, I tell them our general policy that if they're not already a supporter of the site, we charge a $5 fee for special requests. I could type a good bit more explaining exactly what the special request was, and why we choose to put a fee on it (along with many things), and the fact that we don't really even "profit" from this, etc. But the bottom line is, it can't be that any and every new member (and old member) can demand that I spend my time freely serving them in whatever ways they request (or that I pay staff to do so), and then slander us and accuse us if we don't. That's basically people forcing me to spend my time on them, and when I don't then they still win coz they use the front page of our site to slander our site and then I have to take out significant time to do this, when, to tell you the truth, today I had just set down to make time for some urgent things on the site like:

1. fixing our YouTube room (YouTube disabled the coding API we were using so now our chat app has to be recoded for their new API)

2. adding a mic volume meter to the chat room mic (so that people can know if they're mic is actually working and if it's too loud or too low)

These just happen to be examples of what I'm actually working on this Saturday morning. No, I don't work on those kinds of things all the time -- even just administrating (even with volunteer moderators and administrators, whom we thank God for) can be quite enough, but there are many things, and I've just given a couple examples of things that need to be done which are hard enough to make time for, and then I get deterred by yet another hater attacking me on the front page of our own site.

Also for what it's worth, today is my little girl's 3rd birthday, praise God. And dealing with this slander (and all the malicious gossip spread in the thread) has had some interference with my simple plans to make this day special for her, but hopefully not much interference, but, just saying "give me a break, haters" (and anyone else please just give the benefit of the doubt to the person and persons behind the curtain serving to provide the site that benefits you!). Just saying, I'm a real person. :)

So anyway, yes, the OP of this thread is banned; it was already done (rightly so) before I even saw it. And the rest of the thread was passed on to me for admin review and I've banned another person in it who was spreading accusations (albeit supposedly in an objective fashion yet boldly saying they don't care if it gets them banned). And now I'm going to move on.

I hope this makes sense! Yes, I'm a real person, and yes, I'm a child of God. And yes, people lack love, and some really have a lot of hate (because they don't have God), and that's just the way it is.

Having said that, thank God for so much encouragement and appreciation from so many people, which I encounter almost every day here in the chat rooms and in the forums. That's the reality which I have to keep in mind when this kind of thing happens.

And pardon me the thread was already closed and I agree with keeping it closed, as it should have never been posted, and I shouldn't have had to take out the time to do this, and I'd much prefer to spend my time more productively. I guess this is productive or good in some ways but I mean productive in the sense of maintaining and improving the site, which is kinda my main role at this time which I want to fulfill, by God's grace, and with people's support.

And yes, we do unashamedly accept and encourage donations, which makes a real difference when people pitch in. There is a donate button at the top of this page and every page. Thanks to all who are able to pitch in as able.

Happy Easter, let me have a Happy Easter too (and happy 3rd birthday). :)
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