Waiting on God

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Senior Member
May 16, 2014
What are some things you do while waiting on the Lord to answer a prayer you have or fulfill something? Practical tips would be great.

I've made a lot of strides in my spiritual, emotional, and physical health since becoming a believer and waiting on the Lord. I have been waiting on God to fulfill a specific word for the past 4 years. I would love to hear what other people have done that they find valuable during the wait or are currently doing. Thanks!
When i pray i don't pray from the mindset of asking him to get Him to do something for me...I pray as a response to Him knowing what i wanted or needed, in accordance to what Jesus said about God already knowing before we ask. I believe prayers in gratitude are supposed to be a way that i can give a response and a way of affirming that He heard/ knows what i am after.

So all i have to do is be grateful only that He heard me, and not wait for the response to confirm that he indeed heard me. I actually had to sit down one day and change my way of prayer to conform it to what Jesus said in Matthew6.7 and i noticed that most prayers i was praying were indeed vain repetitions..., Vain from the belief that i was bringing something to God's attention that i didn't think that He was aware of, and 2 it was always repetitions because how many times have i "asked" "prayed" for the same thing over and over again waiting for a result..All of that because i didn't believe that He even knew what i needed from the beginning. Most Christians do this all the time and probably aren't even aware of it.

As for the wait itself, i would stay in gratitude that He knows, and out of that understanding just let the chips fall where they may. When you do this you are in faith, and when you stay like this He will add onto you based on that belief. Most of that wait is just resting in the belief itself, and not just waiting on the results.

That is some of what i do personally, and i have a lot of testimony's. I am not perfect yet though, and im still always growing and learning too. There are a lot of things that i do that i do differently though, but that's just a few. I hope this helps you, and anyone else who checks this out, and i wish you the best.


Active member
Feb 16, 2020
I begin with the end in mind and work backwards to my present point and look for related activities that will assist or improve its accomplishment. When I get the green light, I’m further ahead and covered a lot of ground in the preliminary phase. That’s a blend of practical and spiritual growth. I have to be ready to step into the position and deal with the challenges that arise at its inception. God always prepares me spiritually before an elevation occurs.