Where's your safe place?

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My safe place is whenever I hear a particular person's voice...because when I do I know I am safe and everything is going to be okay :eek:


Senior Member
Dec 17, 2017
My safe place is whenever I hear a particular person's voice...because when I do I know I am safe and everything is going to be okay :eek:
What, God's voice? Yeah, I am with you there. At times He seemingly withdraws leaving me feeling by myself. Then He starts talking again and tells me He was always with me. You would think I should have known that. I must learn to not go by how I feel.
Heb. 13:5
"Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, "I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU.""



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Aug 13, 2014
Yeah. I know. It's called a joke. No need for a lecture.
That was a definition, not a lecture. I was making a small effort to be helpful.

If you want a lecture I could uncork on the topic of people who train those around them to be unhelpful by always complaining about anything anybody does. I could probably stretch to a three day seminar on that topic.


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Apr 7, 2014
This looks like a good safe place to me. :cool:



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Apr 10, 2018
Inside a mother's womb?

I used to think that I didn't have a safe place because I didn't know how to feel safe. Maybe I forgot how to feel safe? Imagining that I remembered how it feels to feel safe, I'd say, (possibly) ...

  1. My bed
  2. The shower
Thanks for jogging my memory, OP.
Apr 7, 2018
I went to the site you posted and it looks like a classroom. The person posting that site is a teacher , who evidently only feels safe in front of her students.
In that context, I don't need a safe space because I can be myself all the time. I'm comfortable with who I'am, if someone disagree's or doesn't like me, well, that's OK with me, I'm not threatened by people not thinking like me.
You're right, but there's always two sides of a coin. You can look at it in a different perspective, however you perceive it to be.

I was the teacher who posted that picture actually, not because I want them to like me or something, but simply because I like teaching - whether they like me or not. Whenever I'm teaching, I am free to just be myself and I enjoy doing that. So that's why I feel safe being in front of my students simply because I can do one of the things I like doing most.

Jesus is ultimately where we belong, with whom we belong, but at least in this cruel world, there are places we feel comfortable and safe (and by safe I just don't mean security wise).


Senior Member
Apr 10, 2018
Honestly, I think it's only my bed and not the shower. When I'm in the shower, I'm always afraid I'm going to slip and die.

I need to find more safe places in life.