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I am a Catholic but I never believe that using contraceptives is a sin. perhaps it depends on the intention actually.

if you will use it for your fornication, then It is really a sin.

but for example that you just want sex with your wife/husband and do not want to have child/children because you really cannot afford (because it is unavoidable for loving couples to have sex to show their extreme love with each other)

I don't think using contraceptives is A SIN in this scenario.

It will be a greater sin that you procreated a lot and yet you cannot give the best in life for your children (good food, good education and good life)

having a lot of children will make a man poor.

but if you live in my native shit hole country, some of our opportunistic Catholic priests/bishops will tell you that using contraceptives is not a sin and if you have many children, it means that is God's blessing and God will provide for their needs.

For me what our local priests say is a PURE BULLSHIT! sorry for the term but I need to be frank even once.

They ask my compatriots to procreate a lot because more children means a lot of people who will give donations, sacramental fees, more students for their schools and alms for the dead.

besides this is their subtle way to make my compatriots remain poor so that they will easily control them and manipulate them if needed to satisfy their wicked desires (even to their partisan politics)
4 year old thread and the OP is no longer a member.


Junior Member
May 22, 2018
I believe it is ok to use contraceptives in marriage but God condemns fornication so if you are not having pre-marital relations, what do You need contraceptives for?


Senior Member
Oct 27, 2013
Why do Christian people believe using contraceptives is wrong? Or is that just Catholics? (I come from a Catholic church by the way but I don't like to restrict myself to it too much). I don't understand what's so wrong with using them and having safe and responsible sex, a lot of teenagers nowadays seem to be controlled by their hormones and are determined to have sex anyway, and I think they should be taught how to do it safely but that also abstinence is an option, if that's what they choose to do. Just my thoughts. Could someone please explain this to me? :)

Cheers :D
you don't need God to tell you its bad, just a side effect list will do the trick.


Junior Member
May 22, 2018
Yes I know we dont necessarily use God but I think that our decisions mark our way of living