Good people?

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You are absolutely right!!! Although NONE of us are good enough for God, most people don't even try anymore. No morals. Its not just teenagers either people in their 20s arnt much better.

That is why I came to this website. I want to be surrounded by good people. :)
If anything it's worse when bad qualities are still present in people past 20yrs, teenagers are living through one of the most volatile times in a persons life, so it's tough to deal with but it is understandable, when you're past 20yrs the hope is you begin to move away from at least some of the bad habits and mistakes of the past, so Eugenius, I'd say it's tougher for guys like you and me, we don't have the hope that people around us will grow out of it, because it should already have happened.

I guess it's a longer road for some more than others.


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2009
Yea I made mistakes as a teen, many of them. Trying to fit in and all that jazz. But I grew up. I wish some of these girls grew up, then perhaps I would like them.


Yes, there's fewer and fewer good people, but the main thing is keep yourself good. As for the one post, there is none good, not one, we are not good in ourselves, it's God that makes us good. You have to look at the word o God and see what it really says and live by that, not by others.


Yea I made mistakes as a teen, many of them. Trying to fit in and all that jazz. But I grew up.
Me too, but when I see people my age and older still doing what I stopped at 17 it just depresses me, I don't judge because I know there are good reasons and they are probably dealing with problems, but it's hard to find people like me, you know what I mean, it's too easy to get isolated.


This world seems to have less and less good people
"The Christian resolve to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad."


i agree, it almost seems easier for people to be bad than to be good. is it laziness, does the devil rule the world now instead of God


i feel you on this one, my mom and her husband they are 60 and 74 and their attitudes and walk with God are like they are teenagers. they have no respect for me or for other people. they have bad habits with drinking and cursing and smoking, all destructive to themselves and to me.
you would think that by a certain age people would grow up and stop acting so stupidly and immature


Junior Member
Apr 3, 2015
I agree with the points everyone has made here. I think some times people are afraid or too self conscious to do the Good they want to do. They are either overly self conscious or they think others will judge them negatively because they are doing something Good. I wish more people would "take a chance" and step out and do good or act in a way that has a positive effect on others. Like it says "I find my self not doing the things I want to do and the things I should not do I find myself doing". It is really sad that most of the world does not step out and act but chooses to react instead.


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
This is a NINE year old zombie thread. You're replying to people who aren't even here anymore... lol