How did you guys start becoming Christians?

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Senior Member
Jun 13, 2015
My mother brought me up Christian. As I got older, I became an agnostic. But never turned into a full blown atheist. Then later after that, I became a Christian again. And I've been a Christian ever since.

I'll be honest and say that I think we all have times when we doubt our faith. I know I did....and sometimes still do. But I made the choice to put my faith in God and Jesus. And I intend to stick by that choice. And that's that. :)
Mar 13, 2019
I always believed in God but growing up I always looked up to my uncle's and brother they were always getting in fights and sleeping with different women. My friends aren't the most godly to say the least but thier not bad people but they party and drink and some smoke weed and I started doing the same. I got in afew fights and I would try to talk to any attractive girl I saw. I would justify this by thinking everyone does it especially teens but I always felt sad and angry inside until December 8 when I prayed to God and asked for his forgiveness. I quit smoking and drinking. And I want to follow god now. I don't care how much I get made fun of by family and friends. I'm alone in my faith but God has never abandoned me. And I realize that his all I need.