How to know if you've been saved?

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Aug 22, 2014
I can't tell you the "formula" to know you've been saved because it is a personal thing between you and God. I agree with everyone that is saying we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Honestly though in my case, it worked like that, but not how you'd think at all. To be honest I was a false convert for about 5 years before I was truly saved, and it was the hardest test of my life (so far) that brought me to truth. I was stuck in a worldly paradigm, and that world had to fail me to get my mind kick-started and actually thinking instead of just being "entertained" ALL the time.

Not only did this world fail me and offer no solution, but I also had no more faith in myself. My pride was crushed and I was undone. At the time I hit my knees it was simply in defeat, I wasn't even sure I wanted to believe in a God anymore, if I ever did anyway. I just gave up, I just knew that "my will" led to nowhere, and the world couldn't help, nor did it care at all about my hardship. I just basically threw my arms up and quit. The next day I woke up ALL NEW.

It's a long story, and is posted here, but I think what happen was my pride and faith in myself was crushed, and I was ready to submit my will to His, He saved me praise Jesus mighty name, despite the complete twisted and abominable things I've done, He is that good, our Gods glory knows no limit. He can show you, and only He can show you that you're saved. Just go to Him with the core essence of who you are and talk to Him, ask Him, like Blain said, the fact you care so much is a good sign, butt keep asking, and keep asking God. He will give you peace, but you have to go to Him in truth and submission. (not an Islamic submission, but like the Bible talks about "wife's submit to your husband" kind of way, seeing as we are the "bride" of Christ, I think it fits.

My final thought is that I have heard of ALL KINDS of ways God pulled others into Truth, so just keep seeking in truth and He will give you the peace you are looking for.
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Feb 24, 2015
I can't tell you the "formula"...
what happen was my pride and faith in myself was crushed, and I was ready to submit my will to His, He saved me praise Jesus mighty name, despite the complete twisted and abominable things I've done, He is that good, our Gods glory knows no limit. He can show you, and only He can show you that you're saved.
I think you are a good example of why judgementalism is so dangerous.

I remember asking God about a brother and his lifestyle and attitude and feeling rebuked.
Who was I to stand in such a place, because this is Gods work and His timing and His

We so often want to be in the seat of we know, when all we know is what is in our
lives and heart, and it is this we need to share and be a light to.

It was funny of cc people saying I was saying I was so brilliant etc. when actually
I was saying Christ is so brilliant and we need to follow Him, because this has done
so much in my heart. It is like they would rather I shared what a failure Christ was
and nothing happened in my life, it is all Christ brilliant and me junk.

I suppose that would have made them happy, because it would not be pointing out
there is work still to do in their lives. But for me the biggest gift I can give my brothers
and sisters in the Lord, is He does heal, He does give life and He is glorious


How are you supposed to know if you have been saved? This is something I've been worrying about lately. I have no idea whether Jesus will return in my life or when I die, so I'd like to know somehow if I have earned Salvation into Heaven. I hear Christians say that they are "saved". Are you saved by trusting in Jesus, or by repentance? Recently I've had scary thoughts about dying and seeing God he looks at my life and is disgusted and throws me into the lake of fire. Obviously, I don't want this to happen. How can I be sure that I have been saved? I feel confused.
I say forget about being saved and focus on the truth, and you shall know why you are saved.


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Apr 23, 2017
well first of all being saved is a knowing thing,and to help you on this first off if anyone has forced you to be baptized or to accept jesus as savior then you aren't saved,but as to how to be saved that is between "You and God" and is very personal because it is not something that you just do or say in an instant when you ask for your soul to be saved in the name of Jesus, don't be deceived,it's about humbling yourself and it is not about "exact" words because what you ask is of yourself what you feel,what you want to change about your life,how you may feel scared,unworthy, all these thoughts can come to you when you ask God to be saved and you'll know what to say and this does not have to be out loud and it does not have to be in church as to where you ask after all when you have done this and been baptized "willingly" then you will feel a change gradually that will be tugging at your heart and soul to do for God,care for others,be hurt instead of happy to hear cursings,want to work instead of being sluggish,think to hold thine tongue when need be instead of let it freely writhe and lash about,want to give instead of receive so abundantly,it is not some "thing" it is what changes "EVERYTHING" not merely"something"! or in another form of words to simplify from the bible,"for all those who believeth in the name of the lord are a new creature,old things have passed away the "old" is "gone" the "New is come!


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Jan 19, 2011
Dear Brother, If you have confessed with your mouth, asked for forgiveness of your sins from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
and sin no more you are saved.

Pray without ceasing, go about your day, ask God to grant you the gift of The Holy Spirit. Stay on this path and your doubts will disappear.

I pray that our Lord will heal you completely, fill you with faith overwhelming , joy and love. Tell others you have been saved.
Find a good (Godly) local church and get involved. Walk with your brothers and sisters. Time is growing short. Ask God to use you to save the ones you love, like or even just know. Keep them from this lake of fire you used to fear.

Have a great day in Jesus Christ.

Love in Jesus
bro gary


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May 6, 2017
It does say to repent and believe the good news but you need to understand that it is God who helps us with repentance. It is not something we can do on our own. If you are willing to repent that is something God helps you with. It is God who works in us to will and to act according to his purpose it says somewhere in the Bible. Believe who Jesus claimed he was that he is God and he is Lord and believe he died for your sins and rose again by the power of God. Confess he is Lord and you will be saved. If we could earn our way into heaven then Christ's death was in vain. In Isaiah it says that all our righteous acts are like fithy rags. Any righteous thing we do in ourselves and not through Jesus Christ is filthy rags.


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May 22, 2017
Our salvation has evidence in our lives. From hearing the gospel of the Lord, which is the first step that God had opened our eyes of understanding to know (head knowledge) what really saves us. Afterwards, out of the knowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and resurrected after three days, that grace of God empowers us to live a godly life. The godly (holy) life is an obvious manifestation that we are saved (2 Corinthians 5:17) , a life which the fruits of the Holy Spirit is growing and producing more fruits. As a saved person, you must understand that we are not yet perfect (sinless), we still fail and sin because we are living this corruptible flesh, but the grace of God will help and empower us to grow in repentance when we fall short. The Christian life is a persevering life with the Lord.
May 28, 2017
Talk to him. Let him into your life. Try and do good, SHOW that you are saved, have faith that God is there for you and WANTS you to go to heaven and be happy. Live life knowing that and you are saved despite what you said whether you meant it or not. The point is if you mean it now. God is all knowing, he cares more than just words you say, he cares more about the words in your heart. Trust me, he loves you and it always guiding you.