I have a lot of anxiety over whether or not I'm to Hell

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Senior Member
Apr 22, 2013
We are ALL His children, regardless of age. :)
We are all CREATIONS of God. We are NOT all children of God.
We BECOME His child by believing and being born again into His Family. That’s why Jesus came to save us. To make us His children.
Apr 26, 2012
I had believed that only 'bad' people were destined to Hell, but now I have learnt that ALL humans are sinners, and as such are predestiend to go to Hell by default. What can I do to avoid eternal torment?
First of all, consider what the spiritual warriors, brothers and sisters in the Church who undepressed understand, the power of words spoken by Christians, have said to me many times:. Don't own negative things with our own words - Instead of saying, "I have anxiety," consider saying, in this same discussion thread, "I no longer have anxiety," because I am saved just by saying "yes" to God. We don't need a whole thesis, both Jesus and James said, knowing Jesus is a "yes" or "no" decision. Please consider not doing what I and so many Christians have done, spinning our wheels for years, like a gerbil on a wheel, trying to believe! "I can do it! I can do it! Just a little faster, come on Lord, help me save myself! Just another hour, another day on this wheel! A little faster, a little faster! I know I can do it!"

You get the idea -
Sometimes the Lord let's us get tired enough to be willing to admit that the wheel's not making it happen. And then with a humble and grateful heart, we can let the Lord help us off the exercise wheel!

Trusting the Lord, that that anxiety is calmed...
for all of us here !

Another story another day how a mouse caught in a live trap, leaped to freedom when the door was opened, taking a 20 foot swan dive over an embankment to freedom! Even a mouse knows when it's free! What's up with us Christians!?

The Lord understands!