I want to see my brother

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New member
Aug 23, 2018
I know I haven't been on here in ages but I'm going through a lot right now. My Dad has got a new job in a different state on the other side of the country which isn't that bad, I am kind of looking forward to being in a new school and doing things right there. But my oldest brother is in jail in this state and I really want to see him before I leave which my parents won't let me do. I was okay with waiting until I was 18 when I can go see him on my own but moving so far away makes that seem so impossible. I need to see him and talk to him and get answers. He basically raised me and my brother when we were younger whilst our parents were too busy with work to take care of us. They only started paying attention to us after he flipped and tried to take us away from them. Even my counsellor thinks it would be good for me to visit him so I can get closure and move on. I don't get why my parents are paying for me to see a counsellor when they aren't even going to consider her advice. My other brother has offered to take me to see him if it's what I really want but going behind my parents back is not going to end well.
I'm sorry I just really needed to rant about this, I know it's dumb to want to see him but I do want to and I wish my parents could understand that. Maybe whining about it on here will help it to reach God and he'll understand me but I don't know anymore.


Well-known member
Jan 14, 2019
See if your new School and the Jail has video Conferencing.