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New member
Jun 7, 2018
Have a question, I started dating this guy. we both are Christians. Three months ago I caught him staring at other girls in a sexual way. He was explaining to me that's how his older brother taught him how to act. Since I talked to him about it he's been praying alot more for strength and everthing. If he has been doing this then why do I still fee unhappy?


Daughter of the True King
Mar 28, 2018
Hi Abigails.

If you feel unhappy then you might need to pray aswell, not only him. Only God can give you reassurance in your relationship with this guy :)


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
Hello Abigail :) You are probably unhappy because his behavior triggered your insecurity. Do you still wonder if you can really trust him? I do not know how old you are, but your boyfriend is not going to magically become blind just because he is dating someone. However, the way he looks at other women sends messages to the other women as well. What is he trying to communicate? That he is up for any amorous adventures? Three months may seem a bit early to have the "we-need-to-define-this relationship" talk, but it is not. You need to know if he is worth investing in emotionally. Otherwise, you are going to get hurt. On the other hand, if he cleans up his act and stops ogling other women in inappropriate ways, yet you still feel insecure, you may need to do some personal exploration to get to the root of your problem. Some people will not be placated no matter how much reassurance they get. You do not want to be one of them.
Jan 3, 2018
Honestly I feel like every single man has done this to some extent. It is nearly impossible not to do. Do not worry though. Looks are not the most important thing. When I start looking at a girl (subconsciously at first), I realize what I am doing and tell myself that I do not even know them personally (have not bonded) and that pretty much fixes my issue mostly. This causes me to realize that there is literally no point or good thing that will come out of staring or "checking them out". A lot of the time I also realize that their personality (from what I can tell in the moment) does not seem like it would even work out with my personality.