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Active member
Jun 18, 2020
If you’ve been experiencing challenges or facing difficult situations in your life, and you’re ready for a change, that change can take place right now!
This is what you should do. Have faith in GOD, trust in HIM and use the Name JESUS because the Name of JESUS has power over all things, and over all beings, whether they be in heaven, on earth or in hell. The Name has power and authority over everything that exists. That’s why Peter could say to a man who was impotent in his feet, and had never walked from birth: “…In the name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth rise up and walk”, and the man leaped and walked.

The Name of JESUS is higher than any sickness, disease or infirmity, irrespective of what name they are called. Be it HIV, cancer, pneumonia, poverty or tuberculosis; whatever the disease may be; it’s subject to the Name of JESUS.
You can finish the year well and strong; that change you desire is possible, if you’d use the Name of JESUS today! Act your faith! Call that Name with confidence and with revelation. It’s the Name above every name, vested with all power. Live in that Name, for it’s higher, greater and more powerful than any other.

Glory be to GOD for given us the Name of JESUS to use in all situations and circumstances in life.
Thank You LORD GOD the ALMIGHTY, for You are so good in JESUS’ NAME.
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