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I have recently become a Christian, I was hoping people would be able to give me help in studying and becoming closer to God.
Any books your recommend or key areas of study :) I have read some of the New Testament, and a few books, but who better to learn from than other Christians :D


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Feb 13, 2013
Dear Lisaa,

The best way to be closer to God is by reading your bible, start by the life of Jesus you will discover his love for us. I also encourage you to pray, I meant like as if you were talking to a friend by telling him your struggles what you want and your expectations. As a young christian you will face tentations, keep this relationship with him he will always be close to you.


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Oct 4, 2011
I have recently become a Christian, I was hoping people would be able to give me help in studying and becoming closer to God.
Any books your recommend or key areas of study :) I have read some of the New Testament, and a few books, but who better to learn from than other Christians :D
I agree with Noah-Grace. A lot of people who are new to the faith, when they look at the Old Testament, will be disgusted with Christianity and won't give God a chance, because God's love in the Old Testament is harder to find. But there are plenty of examples in it to show that the God of the Old and New Testaments are the same. It's just that in Jesus' life that love becomes much more easily seen. Why? I think it's because it covers a much smaller span of time and only covers the life of an individual (Jesus) whose very name meant "salvation" and who proclaimed that he came not to judge or condemn. But God is a God of mercy, justice, war, peace, love... Everything that exists is under his power, but he didn't create us just to destroy us. And he wants us all to live and live life to the fullest. So I would agree that you should start with the New Testament. If you ever read the Old then don't just read it - study it. Line by line. You will find Jesus there, too.

God bless you. I'm glad you are among the saved. :)


Yes, study it. Many Christians like to defend their faith through their feelings. There is nothing wrong with developing positive feelings in your relationship with Christ. But if someone questions you, and all you have are feelings to retort with, you may find yourself conceding to their reasoning when you can't answer them.

Study the word, and do so both in your daily reading, as well in fellowship and finding speakers that you like, whether they be some variation of an evangelical or apologist, or perhaps a culture critic, etc. Being involved and engaged will really help you hone your reasoning, and consequently, your faith. :)

And don't be shy or embarrassed to question your reasoning, so long as you don't stray. Being inquisitive only expresses an interest in pursuing knowledge and wisdom, not a dissatisfaction with God.
Apr 10, 2012
I called myself a Christian my whole life but never fully understood what it meant to be a Christian until I took action a couple of years ago. Now when I look back I shake my head at the time I wasted not pursuing a loving relationship with Jesus... because He has been awesome to me and my family time and time again and continues to be awesome. I owe Him so, so much for those wasted years!

What helped me was getting involved in a small group, so I strongly suggest that. Find a young adults group in your area! Maybe your local church has a good one running.

Reading the Bible is important too. I spent so many years claiming I knew God's word when I never even read the Bible, which is the foundation of our faith! That's like saying you're a doctor and you never went to school to learn how to become one. I did the Daily Bible, which will help you read the whole Bible in one year. If you want to study some chapters then reading the Gospels is great but I found that I needed to read the Old Testament in order to know how the world was changing and how the Jews were in desperate need of a savior. The books I always return to are 1st & 2nd Samuel and 1st & 2nd Kings... because they're EPIC. Turn to Psalms after to read what David wrote and then to Proverbs to read what Solomon wrote.


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Oct 23, 2009
Let God have the first place in your life-read your Bible, pray, go to church!


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Aug 2, 2011
There is no book out there that will be a better foundation for progressing in your faith than the Bible. You've read some of the New read all of it! And find a good church. Don't just listen to the them out!


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May 14, 2010
1. Major on the Love of God.
2. Pray often. Always seek God for new things, this builds up faith for big things.
3. Major on Ephesians, John, and Romans.
4. Find powerful praise music that sets your heart on fire in the presence of the Lord. Listen to this often.
5. Pray for everyone you can, whenever you can, health, love, finances, emotional health, etc.
6. Do a study on "new transformation in Christ"
7. Do a study on the promises of God won for you by Christ on the cross.
8. Write a list of things you're truly thankful for.
9. Keep a journal of Holy Spirit revelations, praise stories, and insights.
10. Love, honor, and hang out with people who love Jesus.

Holy Spirit open up my sisters eyes to your love, transforming grace, and the awesome call you have on her life to be a blessing to all those you place near her. In Jesus name.



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Nov 13, 2012
I have recently become a Christian, I was hoping people would be able to give me help in studying and becoming closer to God.
Any books your recommend or key areas of study :) I have read some of the New Testament, and a few books, but who better to learn from than other Christians :D
Congratulations!! Wonderful news! Welcome to the family! You have been given solid advice here and I would only emphasize try to hang out with bible believing Christians, find a good church and dive in, get involved! Read your Bible, keep a journal, it's such fun to look back on all God does for us, for others and how our life develops with Him in charge. I do not write every day but I love to read back, see prayers answered. Not always as I expected or wanted! Also, listen to Christian radio, Christian TV, it can really build us up. The are so many books....some free on the Internet too....let God lead you to what He wants you to be fed with. Nothing like a wonder prayerfully around a Christian book shop to be given a gift!! God Bless you! So exciting!! :) <><
Nov 12, 2012
Hey Lisaa,
You really can't get any more understanding then what God has given us in His Word. Remember that we cannot understand anything with our own minds, we must ask for the Holy Spirit who give us discernment and understanding. In many ways "christian" books can do more harm than good, especially when we are young in the Lord and can not tell the difference as well in what is Truth and what just sounds good. Remember to trust in no not take anyone's word for it, but for everything go to the word and see if what you've heard lines up with it. Be careful not to run away with only a few scriptures....the Bible was written to be taken as a whole....all the scriptures work together, it does not contradict itself but rather it is all Truth. Be on your guard, as scripture says. The word talks about those who become again entangled in sin just as they are escaping it. Do not let your fervor die out, but whole heartily continue to step out on Faith and He will continue to show you more and more.
I pray this finds you well in the Lord,
Apr 18, 2013
That's great! I like The New Testament, the New Kings James version. A great televised preacher is Joseph Prince, he's amazing! He talks about the Grace of God and not about law. He focuses on our relationship with God, you will love his books and messages!

He's on U tube too.
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