My progress update?

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Senior Member
Apr 20, 2012
Hey everyone... Now and again I post now and then where I feel I am 'at' at that given time...and so here it is lol my thought for today...

I have felt recently stronger in my faith to a point where i desire to be holy before God, i desire to cast all sin off and forsake it...but like a babe desires to walk, I am actually yet to do so. I feel like as much as I desire these other things, in the time of temptation I just without a fight give in.

of recent my tendencies to become depressed and actually becoming depressed are getting stronger, more and more I feel lonely and isolated, more and more I feel like my prison cell is my own head and I can't get out of it. I am not clincally insane don't worry :p But I want to make friends, I want a social life, a godly one, now if I was out in the world that would be easy, a few nights at different pubs, clubs, and I would have new friends easy. However, as a Christian, where do I go? I already attend a church (where I like friends sadly), so its not like I can just visit new churches and meet people, there aren't "church clubs/pubs" [couldn't think of a christian alternative to pub haha] where Christians gather, and for the most part we don't have many Christian events in my I just don't know what to do in regards to this loneliness, sure I have CC and I have facebook, but I lack that physical human contact that I really desire...any thoughts would be appreciated.

On the positive, at church, we have a monthly men's gathering and we have been listening to (and before bible bashers jump on case I will elaborate) to Joel Osteen's book "Make every day a Friday" now I am highly skeptical of a lot of his works and I would not advocate him to anyone....but he made a statement that has really impacted my life and its "Everyone has a right to behave as they want, they have free will...but so do you, you have every right to walk in God's joy and peace every day" and it has really made me pro-active in smiling more, being more pleasant and responding happily (not fake) to people who are rude to me...


Aug 13, 2014
"I already attend a church so its not like I can just visit other churches and meet new people" why not? another suggestion for making freinds is possibly taking initiative and making a youth night/bible study that connects people from other churches wether or not you run it or pitch the Idea to your pastor. I went through a period of very little social activity outside of my house and It might sound weird but I think it was good for me because in my free time I had I spent it reading more and more of the bible and building on my relationship with god and also building better relationship with my family. Ill pray for you brother!
Mar 26, 2012
Hi there; although I honestly have no solution for you;I hope that I can still make you feel better by saying that I totally understand what you are saying and will keep you in my prayers :) I hope that we can both get a solution to this :)