Is Q anon for real?

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Sep 15, 2019
I feel my last reply covered it all. Out of respect for your time, and the two people that may be following along, I will try to expand more...

“Competing religion to Christ”? That’s an assumption made by all. No? Yes, it is. Side note: Why does anyone care what Q does anyway—it’s not like Q is taught in school or is even mainstream? Why not focus on the millions of others false teachers out there? (Many, many many false teachers that run wild) Why do you know so much about an “evil group“? Once again, why does Q have this impact on others? Who truly cares? You and l probably don’t really care? I didn’t start this thread? I just stepped in on one of the many topics/threads here that seem completely void of facts when giving advice on “evil” groups and how to spot them.
We will see. In my view, Q is unifying people against the outright evil that has overtaken the world. The movement will become much bigger, and I believe will (apparently) vanquish the overt evil. I raise the concern now, so when Q does become big, people will remember this was planned from the beginning to be a false saviour, a substitute for Christ. Maybe I am wrong, and this won't happen. But it's already talking like a heretic now, and the movement is small.

Q says “...saviors of mankind” I don’t see them saying “THEE Savior of mankind”? (Capital “S”?) am l getting too technical? Well, explaining something involves the small details. (You technically convicted Q of evil on one or two confusing line, and l say that’s it’s still not solid proof) Now, we must debate the context and compare the 4900 or so drops made by Q ...and then add our decoding, interpretations of it meanings. Not worth it. I don’t care enough to debate that properly, sorry. Let it be known, I don’t agree with Q’s choice of words there either, but they also use disinfo? (like l said twice before) One drop out of 4900+ with confusing wording isn’t enough to convict anyone of anything. (Many would be sad if they only knew some of the things they imply about many conservatives on there) This is where the Q hatred began. Taking things out of context or way out of the context as a whole. Q’s posts deal with politics 95% of the time...they don’t pretend to be any religious group here to push God. They point to where to find, please, exactly what’s so evil about that?
Heresies don't start big and bold. They start gradual. Like, so gradual that taken one way, the words aren't heretical at all. We will see.

You asked “which God does Q reference?” Q says “Read your Bible” Q is talking about the God of the Bible that you and l read? Plain as day? (Proof: they quote from it.) Anything more is interpreting it as you see fit. Since you have preconceived ideas about Q you make it out to be “the Bible” is there another Bible that exists? (A Bible of evil intentions apparently?) He says God wins. ( the formula: Q pushes Bible, quotes the Bible and says “God wins“ So then?They push the God of the Bible? . How does that compete with Christ?) If you DO know a lot about Q, why did you spend so much time on a group of “evil” people with evil agendas? I don’t spend time looking into people who push evil agendas, no one should. I couldn’t debate a satanist on their side, cause l don’t care to know what they read. I feel it’s evil, and leave it at that. If you feel Q is evil and want people to stay away... then provide much more to back it up.
The Pharisees claimed to have Abraham as their father, and to worship Abraham's God. But Jesus said to them, "If you knew God, you would accept me also, as I come from Him. But you are of your father the devil."

Now....Is there anything wrong with pushing the God of the Bible? That’s what they consistently do. So, push the Bible, quote scripture and exactly how does this hurt God? (You have no idea how wild that sounds if you really apply that to all groups in life...think about it) You said in “references” used by Q (and them quoting the Bible) “so did the devil” Really? Naw, that’s a really weak comeback. That’s purely a go to phrase when one deems the source “bad”. No real proof to back Q’s intentions are on the level of a devil. Lol, stop. With that logic....everyone quotes the Bible everywhere (we are allowed to then deem who does it like “the devil”? Yes? Would you apply that to people on forums then? Nope? Okay why do it to just them?) It’s not cool to say anyone is doing something on the devils behalf. That’s a major accusation there. Come on, man. Words like that shouldn’t be slung around carelessly. Agree?
Not everyone who speaks about God and reading the bible describes as a saviour that which is not. Those who do are likely dangerous. You yourself agreed that Q's choice of words could have been better.

Alex Jones? Proof for Satan worshipping? What? Even Q shouts that AJ is controlled opposition. (My opinion: AJ is allowed to be big, popular and remain online because no one evil wants to shut him down. They back him. That’s obvious. You think a deep state would allow ritual footage to be shown by him, then let him have a Facebook and stroll around for interviews with Joe Rogan?)He got shut down recently because he couldn’t compete with Q, so they cleverly pushed AJ out. He didn’t have the weight to compete, so they went full blown MSM agenda army on Q.
AJ is and probably always was a gatekeeper, agreed. But even this gatekeeper was allowed to dispense the truth that many in the ruling class were/are into Molech worship.

Btw, One has to ask themselves: if they have proof for all of this terrible things they’ve supposedly have done (deep state)...then why are they sitting on it and letting these people be free?? every day is a wasted day we could stop them?? I already said...they most likely are doing nasty things and do worship Satan (but that’s my opinion) and without actual proof even l could be wrong . We are willing to send these people to the chair, hang them without proof? (Like everyone is doing by spreading info that isn’t backed) Do you do that? Convict on hunches? No? I try not to. Agreed? God will get them if so, vengeance is His.
Of course we don't execute evil-doers without proof. The issue is that there is proof, but the system is infiltrated, and won't prosecute its own. Which is why Q is so appealing - right the wrongs by eliminating the infiltrators.

Thank God we have a system that doesn’t convict strictly on “our gut feeling says they do bad things” alone. A personal dislike of something isn’t a solid foundation to stand on and preach what we label “good” or “bad”. That’s my entire point here. Proof convicts us, not hunches or guessing... or a tweet.
There is proof.

You don’t like Q, that’s your God given right. I don’t really care either way or even care about Q. I care about your/others wellbeing in life, not who you read that l feel is evil. I would spend all day pointing that out if that is “what we are to do” (Proof: l don’t push Q on anyone, Im just being rational towards a subject many seem to hate for no logical reason, l could be wrong, but your posts haven’t convinced me)
What's not to like? Q seems to be outing the evil-doers. Who wouldn't like that, except the paedophiles and traitors being outed? That is why Q is dangerous. It has the appearance of being good, whilst denying that Christ is Saviour.

Maybe next time you can have a stronger stance (not just opinions) when taking on the burden of steering others away from what you stamp as “evil”? It’s a awesome idea to warn others, but you landed short on why Q is “bad”. Be fair and present logic, facts and proofs, not just your lopsided (often contradictory) opinions cleverly woven into all your replies. Convince me Q or any group you hate are indeed bad for me? If your opinion is all you have, then warn me that’s all you have. I can respect that. My beef is with arguments laced with personal ideas, assumptions and blanket “evil is all around this group” type statements.
I don't need to convince you - I have warned you. If what I have said starts to become more manifest, I am sure the Holy Spirit will bring such to your attention.

We are all bigger than that type of judging? God expects more from those who know error, evil and how we handle it all which showing others how to spot it.

Once again. Trust God. Don’t trust Q if one so chooses.
Don’t trust Buddha, Don’t trust Tom Hanks, or them, him, or her or whomever if they give you a creepy feel. Could my message be any more to the point, Brother?
Trust God and the Bible only.

You can definitely have the last word. (I’ll read it) I’ve said more than enough for anyone who cares to even read this all anyway. Q doesn’t really have an impact on daily lives, so this is for the 4 or so people alive that may follow them.

God Bless. See you around the forums.
We'll see. By its accuracy and connections, I'm expecting a lot more to come of the Q phenomenon, but time will tell. May God bless you also.


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Nov 16, 2014
Al Jezeera? Huh? 🤔

Why stop there? I can find at least 100 articles bashing Q out there. A total MSM campaign with limitless amounts of money to stop “the guy in his Moms basement” from harming the world with his conspiracies!
Makes a whole lot of sense, huh? That kind of effort for a LARP? (The answer is right in front of you)

Now, allow me to post dozens of articles that “prove” that people who trust MSM sites, news, social media posts are being manipulated. Or? What’s it called when someone has their brain rinsed off?
(I’m not saying that you or anyone else who actually read those papers are being tricked or anything. I’m just saying ......that read what we do times, mixed, at can be jumbled, manipulated it is? Here new, hate Q)

The power of’s ALL about how you arrange them...and MSM knows this.

Don‘t believe everything you read...unless it’s about space.
(most agree that “they“ lie about a lot of things but are all of sudden completely 100% honest with anything that pertains to space)