Joe Biden’s disturbing connection to the socialist ‘Great Reset’ movement

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Jul 3, 2020
July 23,2020 Joe Biden's disturbing connection to the socialist 'Great Reset' movement
A pledge by Biden to support the Great Reset would pose a grave threat to liberty and free markets in the United States

Remembering when the 2016 candidates were being announced there was a series of articles wherein some said, if Joe Biden throws his hat in the ring you know Agenda 21 is on its way because he's part of its blueprint.

Now it's the 2020 election. Maybe his handlers pulled him from the 2016 race because the Agenda 21 deal and his part in it made the news. Who really knows? But we do know Joe Biden is mentally unfit to be President. "I'm running against Joe Biden!" "Vote for me, I'm running for Senate!" And his VP is the one that will take over should he win in November. God forbid.

Whether it is him or his VP this article is pretty good at giving insight as to whom pull his strings and why.