Two Angels

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Aug 17, 2019
I don't think it's strange at all to believe in Guardian Angels. I knew an Assemblies of God Pastor that told me and believed a similar story.
I know someone who has had a guardian angel in their life since they were a child. They're nearly sixty now.
What's that old saying? “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”

I believe we all have angels that guide us and keep us safe. Do we need to believe in that, them, for that to be a factor in our life? A matter of faith? Who knows.
I'd like to think the comfort comes when we learn of people who have experiences with what they call angels, so that that then appears to prove they at least believe in us. ^j^


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Mar 23, 2019
troubling to be blocked... I am somewhat bewildered. Lame feeling at the end of a long night :(

Anyway, I somewhat agree another user on this thread. It is something like a game of telephone and I don't particularly appreciate stories like these myself personally. Just due to the variations and that we have to accept it on faith and that it can alter our focus on angels, even if indeed these stories were started by the opposition to misplace the faith of seekers.

There's too much angelology and demonology to obscure the truth of the gospel (for "unsures") and get sidetracked into signs and wonders, sometimes gravely so, that I think it wise to not mention something that did not happen to you personally.

You already know that they are active based off what Jesus already said, both personally, other parts of the NT, and in revelation. As well as PLENTY of instances in the OT. They are on our side. That is all I really need to know. Certainly I want to know more, but I don't think as a whole we realistically can in a fallen state except to know that we have allies. The Lord isn't called the Lord of hosts for no reason. Focus on Jesus is all we really need to do. Abiding.

If such stories are of utility to you, and are encouraging great. They encourage me also but they must necessarily be a minor sub-focus. If a pastor has to resort to retelling more than a second hand account I am automatically on the fence about them. Doesn't mean you have to be of course. Just my own personal wisdom. Have had some bad experiences with story-telling preachers that have like 5 verses of scripture. All milk and no meat. Soured milk is revolting, and that is a risk without discerning.

Hearing a story just causes them to seem like a myth and is more likely to lead to people searching down a dark road. I'm not going to discuss how...just that I think it is more common to find a masquerading demon than an angel, and any private encounters I have had are questioned based off this fact. I've been convicted and encouraged by some of these experiences and think we might be good friends someday when faith is made sight, but I find it wise to be cautious. I don't think they are offended by that in any way. It is also wise to be respectful but in areas where scripture is seemingly silent I think a servant of the Lord would be pretty understanding and a demon pressuring.

True it is not stated unequivocally that anyone but the enemy can personally appear as such but there's more to consider as far as warped perception in moments of extreme weakness.