What are you 90% sure is true of virus?

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Senior Member
Apr 22, 2013
At least some countries are blessed of having access to the vaccine if they want.. In my country still waiting for the vaccines to come...
Please do NOT get this injection of gene therapy, Read the endless stories of even young dying and and other health problems from this horror:



Active member
Apr 16, 2021
and one has to dig to find the truth.

lies are on the surface when it comes to covid and the vaccines. the truth lies underneath.....
my take is that it is too soon to decide... much of anything (except DON"T take the dang thing)

I follow news and listen to the experts and yet still I... well, I could write the OP today just as I did week or so ago.. In other words: just as uncertain today..

one thing that makes things tough is: can't trust anyone



Well-known member
Apr 15, 2019
I'm 90% sure the government doesn't love me.
I'm 90% sure they don't care about me.

I'm 90% sure the human race has been doing evil/cruel experiments for thousands of years.

I'm 90% sure that in the last 100 years there's been quite a fascination with human experimentation and bioweapons and after WW2 the Germans and Japanese got caught.

I'm 90% sure there are many other countries that were doing the same and continue to do so.

I'm 90% sure that this virus is man manipulated as a bio weapon.

I'm 100% sure that Jesus is King and God is in control of all things in this universe.